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Conspiracy on the Trinityquite popular among most people, as they help to gain love, luck, luck, and also to attract the flow of financial well-being. The Holy Trinity is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter, so it has a different name - Pentecost.

Conspiracies and prayers for the Trinity

Trinity is considered a great Orthodox holiday. This celebration is shrouded in a large number of church and pagan traditions.

plots on the trinity

The clergy urges to always hold a holiday in prayers to the Holy Trinity, however, in the towns and villages on this day interesting ceremonies and rituals are also held. Long ago on this day believers resorted to conspiracies in order to protect relatives and close people from various misfortunes.

On the feast of the Holy Trinity, you must visit the temple of the Lord, taking with you the branches of plants and flowers. The symbol of the holiday are birch branches. If they are consecrated during the service, they will serve as a talisman in the family all year round.On holiday, experienced healers collected grass from the floor in the temple of the Lord, since it is a decoction of such grass that is able to heal and heal an unhealthy person. An excellent protector against fire and family quarrels was such a collection, if you hide it in a dwelling under the icons.

trinity conspiracies and prayers

The prayer to the "Heavenly King" on this day is read for the first time after Easter. Also on the feast, the Prayer of the Most Holy Trinity and the Prayer of the Lord are said.

Features of conspiracy and prayers

What plots on the Trinityneed to pronouncein order to attractlove, luck and success in business? What are the peculiarities of reading prayers during a holiday?

On the Trinity, conspiracies and prayers are especially effective. Rituals must be performed on the eve of the holiday. The Holy Trinity prayer must be repeated 3 times, while being baptized and bowing after each repetition. Through the use of plots on the Trinity, grief and unhappiness can be turned away, making way for love and luck. The conspiracy is valid for 1 year from the time the ritual was performed. After 12 months, it must be repeated anew.

trinity omens and customs plots

Plots on the Trinity: signs and customs

In the villages, the holiday was always celebrated noisy and fun.It was a special time when the sowing was completed, and preparations were made for the first harvest. Just got a couple of free days, which could be fun and provocatively spend. The people were associated with many signs, customs and conspiracies with the Trinity.

It is considered one of the most ancient signs of the tradition to bring beams of “tear” herbs to God’s temple for illumination, which were specially mourned because tears were a symbol of rain. After visiting the temple, grass was hidden in a house behind a frame or an icon. They asked for the nature and the Almighty cool summer, with rains, without drought and with a good harvest. It was also believed that the herbs would resist the penetration into the dwelling of evil spirits.

Popular birch branches, which were placed behind frames or platbands, as well as green grass, which was scattered along the corridor, were a symbol of a good summer harvest.

It was forbidden to work for the Trinity. Neither at home nor on the field was allowed any activity other than cooking. It was also forbidden to swim and swim, as there was a belief that this was the time of the Rus. When a mermaid can lure to the bottom.

One day before the holiday, on their parents' Saturday, people came to the cemetery to remember their relatives.In the event that someone did not come, they believed that the person thus invites the dead to himself. And they, in turn, can take someone from home. In this regard, before the holiday left a memorial dinner, and the things of the dead relatives hung on the fence to remember them and to frighten death.

Older women went to the cemetery to celebrate in order to brush the graves with birch besoms. Since it was widely believed that the evil spirit would then retreat, and dead relatives would rejoice in wealth and help the world.plots and rites for the trinity

An excellent sign on the Trinity was considered a matchmaking. People thought that if the matchmakers came to the holiday, and the young people got married to Pokrov, then they would have a long, happy life full of love and harmony.

Rites on the Trinity

Plots in the Trinity for moneycarried out as follows. To do this, gathering in the temple of the Lord, take 3 identical coins. And when you return to your home, take certain actions:

  • hide one of the coins behind the icon, which is located in the room;
  • the second is to put it in the wallet, only in a separate place so that it will not be used;
  • the latter must be carried to the temple of God, giving it as a donation.

Conspiracy with the help of yarrow

Also experienced experts in the field of rituals recommend on a holiday to break the yarrow and take it to the church, while holding the service on his chest. And visiting the bath, steam this grass. Such a rite will help in the future to live richly. After the ceremony, it is advised not to get involved in various rituals and divinations. During the conspiracy to think only in a positive way and not want anyone bad. For the simple reason that everything that was intended and desired by another person, sooner or later, but returns with grief to the one who wished it.

Plots for family happiness

Beautiful women, dreaming of getting married, conspired on the Trinity with the help of a wreath. For this it was necessary to weave a wreath of flowers and herbs. Then, three times crossing over, utter the words presented below.

plots of money

After that, it is necessary to throw a wreath in the water and leave, not speaking with anyone along the way and not looking back.

In order for peace and tranquility to reign in the house, and family happiness to be preserved for many years, conspiracies and rites were held on the Trinity. For example, in the morning on holiday the spouse cooked a special scrambled egg, which consisted of two eggs.Both of her "eyes" were supposed to personify a married couple - a spouse and spouse. While the eggs were fried in a frying pan, the hostess read the prayer.

Salted the resulting dish with Thursday salt. Seasoned with green onions, garlic and parsley. The peculiarity was that the greens were not cut, but laid out with branches along with the growing head of the onion. It was assumed that with the help of such a ritual a strong family would remain. Round scrambled eggs were laid in a loaf sliced ​​and consecrated in the temple.

How to attract success in business?

Conspiracy for good luck on the Trinity did with the dawn and always on the street. Pre-heating hands on dawn. It was necessary to cross three times and utter the words presented below.

what plots on the trinity

In order to protect relatives and friends, as well as gain success in business, experienced professionals with skills and knowledgeable in conspiracies, made personal charms.

Wax Amulets

To receive a talisman, it was necessary to come to the temple of God on a holiday. Buy 7 wax candles, preferably red, and put 6 of them near the icon "All-Lady of Heaven", while uttering a prayer in which the person asked to protect and protect him from all troubles and misfortunes on the way.

After that, the remaining candle was lit in the hands and the same words were pronounced as during the prayer before the icon. At prayer, the wax from the candle should flow into the palm of the praying person - in the middle of the left hand. It was necessary to extinguish the candle at the moment when it was burning down to the middle, and the wax that remained in the palm of your hand - squeezed into a fist and go home on foot, without anyone talking along the way.conspiracy for good fortune

After returning home, the wax had to be rolled up into a pure white kerchief and carried with them. And hide the candle left from the last candle behind the icons and set it on fire only if necessary. When a person felt that he needed extra protection.

In order to remove damage from yourself and gain success in business, it is necessary to conduct a special ritual. First you need to dry the grass or plants that stood on the feast of the holy Trinity. Take one of the flowers and lay it on a plate, then pour it with holy water. Then cross the water and, lighting a candle, read the strongest prayer “Our Father”. Then "Symbol of Faith" and "Living in Help", pronouncing each of which 2 times. Make 3 sips, and wash with the remaining water, wet the back of the head, lower abdomen and chest.After some time, visit the temple of God and take the coin to the donation. To continue the ceremony for 40 days, after which order 3 prayers in the church: Panteleimon the Healer, Trifon the Martyr, the Unmercenary Kozma and Demian. For health in the temple to distribute 40 coins.

In conclusion

Holy Trinity Day is truly great respect for the healers. Since it is not only a great holiday and a magical day, it also gives medicinal herbs a healing power. With the help of plots on the Trinity and healing herbs, you can get rid of ailments, various diseases, as well as gain family happiness, luck and success in business.

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