Thefts in Aeroflot

I admit, I thought that this definitely would not happen to me, but apparently was mistaken.
Theft in Aeroflot someone, booking, airline, Aeroflot, each, something, like, the owner, card, can, hand, data, journal, can, the author, the answer is a message that

And the problem is that the thief is very easy to catch, however, the representatives of the airline themselves shield it, I would even say that they hide it. It remains to be hoped that this is not someone inside the company itself doing this.
Yesterday I received an alarming message: They say someone came into my personal account of the Aeroflot Bonus program. This has already happened, I beat the alarm, but it always turned out to be false.
But this time someone else also changed the phone for SMS information.
Theft in Aeroflot someone, booking, airline, Aeroflot, each, something, like, the owner, card, can, hand, data, journal, can, the author, the answer is a message that

After this procedure, I could no longer receive messages about the debit bonus miles from my account and control it. Changed the password for access to the program Aeroflot Bonus. Of course after such a trick, I contacted the operator.
The operator blocked my account, but at the same time reported that the balance was noticeably smaller. I clarified whether it is possible to block the reservation that was made at the expense of my miles.
And you know what answer I got?
Modify or cancel a reservation can only the one on whom this reservation is framed.And they cannot give me this information.
And okay, if this is some secret embezzlement, but right there is a ticket reservation, there is a first name, last name for whom it is issued, there is a bank card number and data of the cardholder who paid the mandatory fees.
You can just cancel such a ticket and return me miles. But something does not add up.
Why does Aeroflot help intruders and unwilling to help its customers?
What do you think the miles will return, was there something similar to someone?
It turns out you save up and save miles, and then you get the answer that the reservation you bought for your miles is controlled by someone else, not you.
And in general, the situation is stupid, every time I have to drive in different codes from messages, but when changing the phone number that receives the SMS notification, for some reason this message is not required. Marasmus?
As the details will inform ...
Answer from Aeroflot:

Upon your request to the contact center of the airline by the operator, and then by the economic security service, the necessary actions were taken to cancel the unauthorized transportation. Miles are credited to your account.

The relevant divisions of the airline are working to investigate and pre-empt such cases.

We express the hope that measures to protect the accounts of participants, taken both by the airline, and from your side, as the owner of your Personal Account, will prevent such situations in the future.

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