Therapeutic exercise: methods and indications

Physical therapy - is the leading method of medical rehabilitation, that is, recovery after an illness. It is especially widely used in sanatoriums.

Exercise Therapy: Exerciseas the main means of the method

physiotherapyIt is known that muscle movement is a powerful biological stimulator of human vital functions. Not any exercises have a curative effect, but only those selected for each individual case and methodically developed. By prescribing them, the doctor takes into account the stage of the disease, the degree of changes that have occurred in the systems and organs, information about which treatment is carried out in parallel, and other factors. Thus, at the heart of the exercises is training, strictly dosed and controlled. It can be general, strengthening the entire body, and special, aimed at restoring a specific system or organ.

Physiotherapy:exercise methods

There are only three of them: sports, games and gymnastics. The latter has acquired the greatest distribution. It allows you to influence individual groups of muscles and joints selectively, to create a well-dosed local load on them. The game method is widely used physical therapy for children. This technique helps to increase and maintain interest in classes. In this case, the instructor must strictly dispense the load, to ensure that children are not tired.exercise therapy exercisesSports method in physical therapy has many limitations. It is used mainly in sanatorium conditions. Another type of physiotherapy exercises is corrective gymnastics. Its goal is to correct some diseases that affect the functioning of the musculoskeletal system: curvature, slouching, etc. At the early stage, it is possible to completely restore the spine.

Therapeutic physical training: indications

They are very wide. Exercise therapy is used as a treatment for injuries in order to stimulate the function of damaged limbs, to accelerate wound healing; spinal fractures; with the disease of muscles and joints. In the practice of surgeons, special gymnastics is applied both before and after the operation.In the first case - to prevent complications, and in the second - to accelerate the healing of the wound. In addition, gymnastics prescribed for diseases of the heart and blood vessels.physiotherapy for childrenDeveloped special techniques for the use of exercises for hypotension, hypertension, heart defects. As a method of rehabilitation therapy exercise therapy is used for complete and partial paralysis, lesions of the central nervous system, neurosis. Appoints exercise therapy only the attending physician, and the instructor conducts classes under the guidance of specialists.

Physiotherapy:performance conditions

First, classes should be conducted for a long time and systematically.

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