Tiptronic: what is it?

Buying a new car, many people think,which gearbox to choose - automatic or mechanic. If everything is simple with the mechanics, the automatic checkpoints constantly replenish the market. There are also classic automatic transmissions (torque converters), and a stepless variator, and robotic boxes. From relatively recent times, automatic boxes have been supplemented with a tiptronic.

What is Tiptronic

Tiptronic (Tiptronic) allows the driversimulate driving with a manual transmission. The Tiptronic does not represent any particular part of the car, it is rather just a function that allows you to monitor the dynamics of the car in different situations. This function is realized through the program in the electronic control unit (ECU). To start the program, the driver sends a signal either through the gear selector knob, or through the paddle lobes. In the first case, the gearshift is carried out while driving with the help of the range selector. The lever from the driving mode D moves to the additional groove with the notations "+" and "-" (raising and lowering the gears, respectively). In the second case, there are two petals on the handlebar or behind the wheel - "+" and "-" or one with both symbols. The selected transmission is displayed on the display in the same way as any other selector mode.

Advantages of tiptronic

  • the driver can drive the transmission for more dynamic acceleration or emergency braking;
  • in all boxes of this type is built-inspecial protection, which ensures that manual switching does not damage the engine, which is often not in conventional manual transmission (for example, long driving at high engine speeds);
  • The automatic box with Tiptronic mode is more economical compared to the conventional automatic transmission.

The first brand, completing their carstiptronic, became Porsche. Then this function was extended to other premium brands - BMW, Mercedes, Audi. Currently, even budget B-class cars can have automatic boxes with tiptronic.

In order to determine which boxbuy a car, read the article Which is better: an automaton or a mechanic. And if for you the economy of the car is important and you are considering the option of buying a CVT gearbox, you will benefit from the article Variator or automatic.

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