Tires with automatic spikes. They exist!

They really exist! I saw with my own eyes their work. The spikes on the tires and the truth put forward and removed automatically. And when I talked about it in social networks they did not believe me. Someone advised to make a video, and I did it.
Auto Spikes on Nokian tire
These unique tires were shown to us at the closed testing ground of Nokian Tires, near the Finnish city of Ivalo, north of the Arctic Circle. At this site, the company is testing winter tires designed for harsh northern conditions. Technical specialists of the company promised to show us tires with automatic spikes the day before, and we were all waiting for this moment. And here they are ...
It looks like the most common winter tire installed on the most ordinary Porsche Cayenne car of the previous generation. The inscription HAKKAPELIITTA SUV also does not produce something unusual, such a series of tires has long been sold in retail.
Auto Spikes on Nokian tire
You start to notice the unusual if you look at the spikes. You see, each spike is not just thrust into rubber, but inserted into a metal core, or whatever it is ...
Auto Spikes on Nokian tire
Inside the car there is a button that glows green. On it is the designation of something like a spike.The driver presses the button, it goes out, and ...
Auto Spikes on Nokian tire
... op! all spikes on all four wheels retract into the tire. Cool!
Auto Spikes on Nokian tire
As the head of technical support services for Nokian Matti Morri (Matti Morri) told us, this set of tires exists in a single copy. Moreover, it is the only such tire in the world. No one else made automobile tires, in which the spikes could be put forward and cleaned themselves in a second.
At Nokian itself, this technology is still in the working prototype stage. In the coming years, the company is not going to produce them in series and sell them. In the form in which they are made and work now, they cost unreal money. For the money they simply no one will buy. Such things are made in the long term. Ideally, the company's specialists would like to ensure that the spikes themselves climbed out and were removed depending on the coverage, without the need to press a button. For example, on ice and rammed snow, spikes would crawl out, and on bare asphalt and slush they would be removed.
Personally, I was curious as to how the “spikes” would learn about pressing a button and what forces would cause the spikes to move. Matti answered these questions simply and with humor: "Automatically" :)
To more clearly demonstrate the work of automatic spikes, I shot and edited the video. At the very beginning, the car starts spikes right in the process of acceleration, after the first seconds of slipping on the bare ice of the test site:
But the official video of the company Nokian about this technology:
Well, what do you think promising technology? Need it or not?
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