Trench collar: photos and reviews

The collar of the Trench is a means of fixing the cervical spine. In the people, and also among physicians there is its simple name - the tire.

Latching characteristic

trench collar

With the help of the collar of the Schantz, a moderate degree of fixation of the head and neck is ensured. Due to the soft cervical orthopedic collar, the neck muscles are unloaded and its movements are limited. This creates a comfortable environment in order to prevent certain disorders or heal injuries in the neck.

Collar properties

A considerable list of positive properties has this device, namely:

  1. The tire has the ability to normalize blood circulation, as well as increase its flow to the brain.
  2. Because of the collar, neck rotation is eliminated.
  3. Limited flexion and extension of the neck.
  4. Thanks to the collar, the neck gets warm.
  5. The clamp has a soft massage effect.

Many of these functions have incorporated one collar of the Shantz. The photo below shows what this device looks like.

how to pick up the collar of shantz

Material to create

The collar of the Trench is made of medium hardness of polyurethane foam or of dense foam rubber. The case for it combines two materials - synthetics and knitwear. Also, the collar has a very comfortable and strong velcro. For convenience, there is a notch for the chin. The materials from which the fixer is made do not cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

In addition to the main, there are two types of neck fixers.

The first analogue is created from two strips of flat material, between which there is an inflatable mechanism. After this lock is fixed, it should be inflated with a special device - pear. When this occurs, a mild stretching of the spine of the cervical spine.Trench collar. A photo

The second analog is a fully inflatable mechanism. This allows you to fix the spine at the right level and to limit the ability to tilt your head as much as possible.Trench collar. Reviews

All these simple little things make it comfortable to use the collar of the Shantz. Photos show the difference between these designs.

Indications for use

A cervical spine fixator is used if observed:

  • stretching of the cervical vertebrae;
  • their instability;
  • cervical tension after performing physical work;
  • fatigue after exercise;
  • vertebral artery syndrome;
  • pain in the neck;
  • headache and nausea;
  • damage to the neck ligaments and neck muscles;
  • mild strain of the cervical spine;
  • torticollis (in both adults and children);
  • increased mobility of the cervical vertebrae;
  • radiculitis in the cervical spine;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • osteochondrosis.

Also, the tire can be used during rehabilitation after injuries or operations.

Application collar Trench

It should not be forgotten that this fixer can be used only after a doctor is prescribed.

collar Shantsa with cervical osteochondrosis

  1. Before use, you must correctly calculate your tire size.
  2. You can wear a trench collar either directly on the body or use a cotton pad.
  3. When using the tire, you need to conveniently position the chin on the upper edge of the fixer, in a special notch for it.
  4. Behind on the neck you need to measure tightly fasten the velcro.
  5. When the collar is worn, the degree of fixation is checked. At the same time breathing should not be obstructed.

Size selection

Selection of the size of this collar is a very important point. It is not universal, so you can not buy the first one.

It should be noted that the patient should not be comfortable in this collar. If the latch is worn and it does not cause discomfort, it means that it is chosen correctly. The splint is used to fix the neck in such a position as to return the vertebrae to their places, so its use cannot be perfectly comfortable.

All the nuances of the choice of the retainer should be discussed with the doctor, it is he who will tell you how to choose a Schantz collar.

To determine your size, you should:

  1. Find out the circumference of the neck (do it comfortably, using a centimeter tape).
  2. Then you should position the head so that the eyes are in line with the ears.
  3. After that, it is necessary to measure the distance from the clavicle to the lower jaw. The result, which will turn out, will be the optimum height of the tire.

Trench collar: sizes

  1. If the length of the collar is 35-36 cm, the retainer has 1 size.
  2. Length - 37-38 cm, then it is 2 size.
  3. The latch with a length of 40-41 cm has 3 sizes.
  4. If the collar length is 42-43 cm, then it is 4 sizes.

In any case, before buying a collar, you should definitely try it on yourself, while making sure that it suits you.

Trench collar. Dimensions

If the latch is chosen correctly, it does not dangle around the neck, but it is not too tight. At the same time, the chin rests tightly on the collar, but in no case does the head lift up.

To understand whether the tire is correctly worn, you need to check:

  • easy to breathe;
  • Does the finger pass freely between the collar and neck?
  • whether the height of the fixer exactly coincides with the distance from the back of the head to the base of the neck and from the jaw to the base of the neck;
  • whether the bottom of the collar rests on the clavicle bone;
  • whether the lower jaw is supported.

Care for the collar of Shantz

  1. It is necessary to erase a clamp in cold water. Use only neutral detergents for this.
  2. It is impossible to use a washing machine for washing. Only hand wash is preferred.
  3. In order not to provoke further skin irritation or an allergic reaction, it is necessary to rinse the product thoroughly.
  4. It is necessary to dry the tire in the straightened form, while avoiding open sources of heat.


As with any medical tool, the collar of the Shantz also has its contraindications. It cannot be used in case of cervical instability.In this case, there may be a threat of damage or damage to the spinal cord. Also, you can not use this fixative for local skin diseases.

Use of a fixer in osteochondrosis

cervical osteochondrosis. Collar trench

Approximately 80% of the population of the entire planet today suffers from osteochondrosis. Usually it appears due to an inactive lifestyle, lack of necessary physical exertion.

If a patient has such an unpleasant disease as cervical osteochondrosis, the Schantz collar will be an excellent means to combat such a disease. Such a latch has the ability to relieve tension from the spine (upper part), taking the entire load on itself. This is due to the fixation of the mandible and chin with the collar. Also, such a clamp can be used for preventive purposes. With its use, strengthening and training of muscles in the neck occurs. But mostly they use the collar of Shantz for cervical osteochondrosis. This ailment is still quite dangerous, because with the wrong treatment, its consequences can be ischemia and even disability.

Trench collar: reviews

Patients who used a similar fixative were generally satisfied with this device. But there were those who spoke negatively about the action of the tire.They said, for example, that the muscles were not strengthened, but rather weakened. This should not happen if the correct use of the collar of the Shantz. The feedback of many people is more positive, therefore there are no substantial reasons for refusing this rather convenient means of treatment.

It should be remembered that the fixer is not able to completely cure the disease, it can only relieve the neck ligaments and muscles, as well as support the head in the desired position. Due to this, the symptoms of the disease are removed. This device can not be worn for a long time. Usually, doctors prescribe it for 2 hours a day. In order to avoid problems, it is not recommended to use a fixative independently, without consulting a doctor, otherwise it may lead to the opposite result.

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