Turkey will be replaced by Emirates

Virtually no other alternative, how to fly to the UAE.

I won’t return the money for the tour I have already bought, but the problem is different, for almost 200,000 rubles I was planning to rest in a huge Turkish hotel for 15 days with full meals, as is their practice (everything is included).
And as an alternative, they offer me 9 days at a hotel in the United Arab Emirates, for which you will have to pay another 50 to 100 thousand rubles, and also take money with you, as there is only breakfast in all meals.
I cannot go to another travel company, otherwise all my money will be burned.
The only plus in this story is that I have not yet been to the Emirates and there is a real chance to go there.
In this connection, I will have a question for you, where should I go (which region) and which hotel to choose (in the city or at a distance from the city)?
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