Types of clothing - a description, the best combinations and recommendations of stylists

It is hard to imagine that modern girls dressed not according to fashion trends and generally accepted trends, but only based on their own flair of beauty, building their own style of dress themselves. Types of styles that dictate the rules of drawing up wardrobe are fairly well-established and generally accepted areas that are accepted not only by renowned beauty specialists, but also by ordinary people.

Clothing is also a well-established and stable concept. Designers can invent something new to diversify the wardrobe of fashionistas and fashionistas, but nevertheless its basis, its basis are standard and familiar things for everyone, which you just need to understand.

types of clothing

Why do we need such knowledge?

Well, at least in order to be a literate and educated person. The benefits of knowing what types of clothing are, also extends to the very real sphere of human existence, to what he has to face almost every day - shopping.

Recent years have become a landmark for the development of online commerce. On the net, you can buy everything your heart desires - from a small island in the Caribbean to the packaging of matches. But just clothes - this is the main product on a variety of virtual trading platforms.

For the convenience of users, catalogs in online stores are compiled according to a single sample, and the goods in it are sorted according to the generally accepted classification. Types of women's clothing, products for men and children, accessories, hats and shoes all over the world have the same name, and therefore network users can easily shop all over the world, easily finding the right thing.

types of women's clothing

The basis of the basics

So, where to start a review of all existing clothes and how to highlight the main types of clothing? The names of absolutely all items of clothing fit into one article is almost impossible. Therefore, we confine ourselves to the most important things and their common names.

One of the main differences in clothing is its division into male and female, although in recent years this indicator has become a little blurred. There is also a classification of things depending on the age of the owner of a particular item of clothing.Thus, the types of clothing can be for infants, for children, adolescents, people of young or middle age, the elderly.

However, if we consider it by type, the clothing is divided into the following categories:

  • household - it is homely, everyday, for rest, “parade-weekend” and spectacular, it is also called spectacular (it includes stage costumes);
  • national costumes - recently, in one form or another, they have migrated to the household wardrobe, in a new, modernized vision and performance;
  • a uniform;
  • special-purpose clothing, suits designed for work in industry or under special conditions;
  • sportswear.

These categories can not be distinguished very strictly, because the use of clothing from each group may fall under a specific style of clothing. Types of styles are even more diverse, they absorb a lot of concepts and tendencies in general.

clothing style types of styles

Classification of women's clothing

Not for nothing, humorists add jokes about the diversity of women's wardrobe and the eternal lack of clothing in it. It is often difficult for girls to choose a beautiful and harmonious set of things so that they like him and match the occasion.Let's see what kind of clothing "lives" in the closets of beautiful ladies. So, the types of women's clothing:

  • underwear, various home clothes, including pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes, costumes;
  • blouses, blousons, shirts, batch file;
  • T-shirts, T-shirts, tops;
  • capes, ponchos, boleros, cropped jackets;
  • trousers, shorts, capris, bermudas, leggings, leggings, denim pants;
  • overalls;
  • skirts;
  • dresses, sundresses;
  • tunics;
  • sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, longsleeves;
  • sweaters, turtlenecks, blouses;
  • hoodies, hoodie;
  • costumes;
  • jackets, jackets;
  • vests;
  • sportswear;
  • outerwear (more detailed below).

In addition, it should be noted separately clothing for lactating and pregnant. In this case, it can be all the same pants, tunics and overalls. However, their cut and tailoring is radically different from the usual things in the women's wardrobe.

types of outerwear

Feminine style

There are a lot of styles according to which ladies dress. However, among their huge number can be distinguished three basic and unchanged:

  1. Classical.
  2. Sports.
  3. Casual (everyday).

Some beautiful people like to stand out among the rest and delight those around with rather extravagant looks, playing with their bow in the style of romanticism, disco, grunge, hipster, glamor or retro.

types of clothing names

Men on a note

The strong half of humanity can not boast of such an abundance of types of clothing, so they have to be content with boring suits and shirts. Although in reality not everything is so prosaic in the men's wardrobe, there would be a desire and taste to diversify it. Types of clothing for men:

  • home wardrobe and linen;
  • costumes;
  • trousers, jeans, shorts, breeches;
  • shirts;
  • jackets, vests;
  • sweaters, sweaters, turtlenecks, raglans;
  • T-shirts, T-shirts;
  • hoodies, hoodie;
  • sportswear;
  • outerwear (raincoats, trench coats, coats, jackets, down jackets, sheepskin coats, fur coats).

Throughout the ages, men have been famous for their ability to create a beautiful look not by the number of clothes in the closet, but with the help of accessories that can add luster even to the most trivial costume, so it’s not the quantity of wardrobe items that is important, but their quality.

types of special clothes

A little warmer!

Separately talk about what are the types of outerwear. It is divided into demi-season and winter. The first does not impose too stringent requirements on its protective properties. It should be not only cozy, comfortable and beautiful, but also to protect from the autumn or spring bad weather.

This section contains a variety of coats (including knitted coats), raincoats, trench coats, windbreakers, vests (both sports and fur, and those that are made of thick coats) and of course - jackets. This type of outerwear is striking in its diversity, because the jackets can be sporty, leather, sewn from raincoat fabric, thick cotton, coat, denim. If you disassemble them according to the models, then there are parks, American women, anoraks, capes, black jackets, duffle coats.

Winter clothing is, first of all, insulated jackets, down-padded coats, fur coats and sheepskin coats.

Necessary information on the eve of the winter holidays

Also, we in our review can not ignore the special things designed for insulation during an active winter holiday. Clothing for winter sports need special. It is sewn from special fabrics that have increased strength, excellent moisture resistance, wind resistance and breathability. Such clothes should be ergonomic, light, but warm. So what do manufacturers offer to their customers? People who want to feel comfortable while skiing or snowboarding, create a multi-layered suit for themselves using:

  1. Thermal underwear.
  2. Intermediate warming suit (pants and jacket) made of fleece.
  3. The top, outer layer is a “ski” jacket and similar pants.

Made from high-tech fabrics, according to human anatomy, equipped with good cuffs on the sleeves and legs, special holes for the discharge of moisture, such clothes will help make sports more productive and more interesting.

clothes for winter sports

Special order

Last, but not least, the category of things, which we will tell you in today's publication - these are special purpose clothes. Types of special clothing are divided into such separate items of clothing:

  • costumes;
  • overalls;
  • bathrobes;
  • aprons;
  • pea jackets;
  • accessories and hats (hats, caps, mittens, sleeves).

These are usually functional things, tailored to the specifics of the work for which they are intended (medicine, construction, uniform for employees of enterprises, warehouses, household departments of different institutions). They are made of fabrics that are easy to clean, have good hygroscopicity, are not hot in the summer, and warm well in winter. There are among such clothing samples that are resistant to chemicals, high temperatures, mechanical stress.

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