Types of Women by Jung

In ordinary life, you can often hear complaints andfrom men, and from women about how difficult it is for them to understand each other. Representatives of the stronger sex often admit that they can not explain the woman's nature. In order to avoid conflicts, which are often the result of misunderstanding, a man should study the nature of his beloved. Perhaps it will be useful for him to learn certain types of women in order to be able to adapt to his girlfriend in the future and find true happiness in family relationships.

There are several classifications, includingAccording to the ancient Indian text "Kamasutra." The Indian philosopher Vatsyayana Mallanaga (author of "Kamasutra") distributes "female roles" according to physical characteristics, desires and emotional reactions.

Curious classification - club types of women(among them a secular lioness, a seasoned veteran, an inexperienced beginner, an escort girl). Nowadays a completely new female "breed" has appeared. This woman is financially independent, more interested in visiting fashion stores and cosmetics, cars than at home, to some extent selfish, and a man in general can only be considered as an object for sexual exploitation.

Classification is recognized according to Jung psychology, which considers the following archetypes of women.

1. A woman is a mother.

This type is affirmed as an individual and findssatisfaction, fully devoting himself to the upbringing of his children. More often children for her more worthy objects than her husband. It plays a big role in the life of the child, but there is also a negative moment from the excessive attention. She unconsciously suppresses their growing up. "Mother" more often and her husband chooses infantil (husband-child).

A woman with a mother's complex that is notcan tear off a child from his or her breast, endangers the development of his personality. Growing up and marrying, he will always seek the help of Mom in solving family problems, which will always come to his rescue with joy. And in inevitable quarrels between mother and wife, a man will try to blame his wife.

2. A woman-hetaera.

The term "hetaera" comes from the ancient Greek word, meaning courtesan, highly educated, sophisticated partner in love.

Psychologically, "Hethers" may begood wives or cohabitants. "Getera" self-affirms if she is able to live with a man in harmony. Relationships can be characterized by aspects of sexuality, but not necessarily only by them. First of all, deep psychological contact must exist between partners. She does not like sex as much as she might think, on the contrary, she is uninhibited, energetic in communication, friendly interactions, she will never ask for "eternal love" and deep relations. A man understands that such a woman is too independent in behavior and can easily go to another.

3. The Amazonian woman.

A type characterized by a special activity inexternal world. In our time, an Amazonian woman can be called a special social type, known as a business lady. She enjoys devoting herself to a career, sacrificing many things for her. "Amazons" can be scientists, well-known doctors, occupy leading positions. But there is a flaw: trying to be strong, energetic, they often lose touch with their feminine nature.

4. Woman-medium.

Like other types of women, this is easyidentify in any community. Its representatives can be psychics, mystics, chiromantists, etc. Usually these women are looked at with some suspicion, since the areas to which they devote themselves radically differ from what is visible in everyday life.

But, according to Jung's psychology, a woman-medium expresses herself when she is a mediator between a person and his subconscious level.

It is clear that the types of mothers and heatherare characterized by all female qualities, they want maximum attention to themselves, they need relationships with other people, whereas "Amazons" and "mediums" tend to aspire to a society, more important for them is impersonal contact (with the psychological world).

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