"United Russia": gain on Lake Baikal

The secretary of the United Russia General Council, Andrei Turchak, set the party members the task of collecting at least 40% of the votes in the upcoming elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk Region.

According to Kommersant, specifically for this, the leadership of the ruling party invited the mayors of Irkutsk and Bratsk (the two largest cities in the region) Dmitry Berdnikov and Sergey Serebrennikov, three State Duma deputies elected in single-mandate districts and the leader of the local United Russia members Sergey Brilko, who is also running for regional Parliament and heads the party headquarters.
Brilka noted that such meetings show the attention of the federal center to the region. State Duma Deputy Sergei Ten said that during the conversation, emphasis was placed on elections in single-member districts. According to various sources, the party members are faced with the task of not only gaining at least 40% of the votes on the party list, but in general getting the result of at least 50% of the mandates, taking into account single-mandate candidates.
United Russia stresses that they do not view the current campaign in the “red” regions as critical. At the same time, the EP states that they understand that in the Irkutsk Region they are, in fact, an opposition party.
Andrei Turchak himself in a conversation with “Kommersant” stated that the party “constantly discusses elections with all regional United Russia members, and not only with Irkutsk elections.” He also added that the regions are not given any installations for the required result.
Recall, on July 20, the nomination of candidates wishing to participate in the elections of the Legislative Assembly deputies was completed. Currently, a campaign period has started here.
Experts note that the current campaign promises one of the brightest for the entire existence of the regional parliament: they will become a kind of preparation for the elections of the Irkutsk Duma, which will be held in 2019, as well as for the elections of the governor, which should be held in 2020.
Local political analysts say that for the team of the current head of the region, Sergey Levchenko, the current election is a matter of survival, and for United Russia it is a confirmation of its viability for the upcoming election cycle.
Currently, there are seven parties claiming victory in the elections: United Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Fair Russia, the Communist Party of Social Justice (CPSU), Rodina, and Civic Platform. Previously, the registration was received by the party "Russian Union of All People". This was due to the fact that the party members provided more than 10% of unreliable signatures collected in their support. After the complaint, the correctness of the refusal was confirmed by the CEC.
A serious confrontation between United Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is observed from the election of the governor, when communist Sergei Levchenko in the second round outperformed the current head of the United Russia region Sergey Yroshchenko - 56.39% against 41.46%.
The campaign for the election of deputies to the State Duma in 2016 also turned into a serious battle. As reported by Davydov.Indeks, observers noted that the confrontation of the party members was very serious and was accompanied by the use of black technology on both sides.
So, the greatest number of campaign materials came out with criticism of the governor Sergey Levchenko and the current State Duma deputy Sergey Ten. In total, in the district in which the parliamentarian stood, they released and distributed 1.8 million copies of campaign materials criticizing the activities of the deputy.These are several copies for each registered voter,
However, despite the active struggle between the Communists and United Russia, and the fact that, in total, the deputies representing the Irkutsk region in the State Duma increased by one, both parties improved their results compared to the 2011 elections very little. The EP figures were higher by only 5%, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - by 3%.

Attention to the Irkutsk region from the center is indeed somewhat increased, says political analyst and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Baikal News, Yuri Pronin, “because we are in a situation of political diarchy inside the region, as the governor is a representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and most of the representatives of the Duma, mayors cities belong to United Russia. There is a fairly free campaign in the Irkutsk region. I think that in this sense the situation is quite optimistic. I would not say that everything is very alarming and critical. "

Political scientist, associate professor at the Department of World History and International Relations of the ISU, Sergei Schmidt believes that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not making efforts to win: "Moreover, they saythat the Communists were given the right to not be zealous on a topic that created for them serious opportunities for winning the elections, that is, on pension reform. As is known, our governor at the end of June announced that he had prepared a negative opinion on the pension reform. And send it to the State Duma. This was reported by leading media. And the Irkutsk region was among the 12 regions that do not approve of the pension reform. But some time ago I became interested in the question of whether this review was written and sent and where, strictly speaking, you can read it. Well, I am sharing with you the results of some investigation. Apparently, it is not. None of the governor’s media reported that a review was sent. There is no negative feedback text in the information space. And on June 30, Levchenko said that he would send it next week. And this gave a reason to assume that the local Communists have been instructed not to revive the topic of pension reform. "

Well, something like this.
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