Vakhtang Davitashvili - son of Juna: biography, cause of death

Juna the healer was known in the country and the near abroad thanks to her gift of treatment, prediction, and other non-standard abilities. Juna helped others to find happiness, but at the same time she was destined to lose her happiness - the only son. He died under mysterious circumstances. Why did Vakhtang Davitashvili, the son of Juna, die in the prime of life? Was this loss a healer payback for an unusual gift or is it just an accident? You can answer these questions by studying the biography of Vakhtang Davitashvili. It was a lot of interesting events.

early years

Juna and son

After long attempts at getting pregnant, an only child was born on June 22, 1975. And what is remarkable: the birth of Vakhtang Davitashvili, the son of Djuna, coincided with the birthday of his mother. She was at that time already, according to some sources, 26 years old, and according to others - 41 years. The difference is due to the fact that the healer downplayed her age by fifteen years. The child was welcome.For many years, Juna could not become pregnant or the children born died in infancy. Therefore, fulfilling her dream and having given birth to a healthy baby, she did not let him go a single step.

The boy grew up talented, like his mother. From an early age Vakho Davitashvili perfectly painted and composed poems. He was attracted to the sport; it was with his help that he struggled with his asthma, from which he almost died in early childhood. From an early age, the healer's son was engaged in karate, he even had a rank in this sport.

In order for Vakhtang Davitashvili, son of Juna, not to be so bored, the healer adopted the boy Misha from an orphanage of the same age as Vakho. But a misfortune happened to him: after a while, Misha was killed under mysterious circumstances, when he was returning from school.

Family circumstances

Vakhtang with Juna

Juna gave her son Vakho a doggie named Viscount (Vicky for short), the royal spitz. After the death of Vakhtang Davitashvili, son of Juna, the dog also mysteriously died. Rumor has it that Vicki tried to replace, so that the hostess did not notice the death of the pet-son, but the nature of the new dog was very different from the calm and intelligent spitz.

Vakhtang’s father was Dzhuny’s first husband, Viktor Iraklievich Davitashvili. He lived and worked in Tbilisi, held a favorable position: he was a referent to Shevardnadze. It was Vakho’s father who initiated Juna to help people. For the sake of this, the Davitashvili family moved to Moscow. But they could not stand the test of the capital and divorced. Frequent quarrels and lack of communication led to this, since it took a lot of time to study the phenomenon of Juna. And there is also a version that in reality Vakhtang’s father is not Victor, but someone whose name is unknown today.

The famous mother has been everywhere with her baby. Therefore, from childhood Vakho used to be among people. With his mother, he visited many events. Stayed late with adults at the table. Many believed that the free upbringing of Vakhtang Davitashvili had hurt the young man in the future.


Vakho grew up athletic and beautiful young men about two meters tall. He had a keen mind and a desire to learn new things. Because of her age, Juna dreamed of nursing her grandchildren, so she decided to marry her son as soon as possible, despite his young age - Vakho was only sixteen years old at the time of the wedding. The wife of Vakhtang Davitashvili was found by her mother herself. The wedding was played in accordance with all traditions.The celebration was magnificent, a huge number of people were invited to it.

The marriage did not last long, after two months the newlyweds divorced. According to the most common version, the marriage broke up due to the fact that, due to his age, Vakho did not realize the entire burden of responsibility for the family. Another version says that Vakho did not have a clear model of man’s behavior in the family, since he grew up without a father. But there is a less popular version, according to her, the reason was in Juna, who loved her son so much that she could not accept the fact that he had to be shared with someone.

From his youth, Vakho knew how to drive a car. He had many friends, he was a sociable young man.

One of the important facts that interested many: Juna called herself the Assyrian queen. She considered herself an Assyrian, and called Vakho a prince. Juna also called her son a major general, although Vakho did not serve and was not connected to the army in any way.


Juna's son, like other children, attended secondary school. Upon graduation, Vakhtang Viktorovich Davitashvili entered the Krasnodar Institute of Foreign Languages. He studied well, but his studies did not attract him as much as he wanted.


After graduation, Vakhtang did not work in his specialty.He took the position of deputy prime minister at the International Academy of Alternative Sciences, headed by Juna. Vakhtang with his mother worked together to create instruments capable of treating people.

Juna's apparatuses

Famous mom

Few have heard of Juna, who was engaged in:

  • Healing people. The main technique used by her was a non-contact massage. With this method, Juna determined where a person has a pain.
  • Clairvoyance. It was Juna who predicted the collapse of the USSR.
  • Prediction. Juna predicted that Russia would get out of the crisis and the situation in the country would improve.
Juna at work

She became the founder of the first unique Academy of Alternative Sciences. It was thanks to her that Juna became a media persona, she was often invited to radio and television.

In addition, she was an artist, her paintings were the embodiment of surrealism and a reflection of the mystical side of human life.

Not bypassed June and literary talent, she was engaged in writing poetry.

Dar Vakhtang

Juna the seer

Many believe that Vakho inherited the abilities of a talented mother. Even in childhood, the gift of healing from Vakhtang Davitashvili began to manifest. Once, Juna became ill and she fainted, but little Vakho helped her mother only by hugging her, thereby he led her out of a faint.During his lifetime, few people compared with the famous mother. But the talent of a young man allowed him to invent, under the leadership of Juna, devices that are not in the world to this day. They are able to cure seriously ill people.


A year before his death, Vakhtang predicted this. It was so. One evening, he addressed his mother with the words that she worked too much, and he wasted little time. He also told Juna that he would soon die, so they had little time left for each other.

In the same year, as an omen, a car accident happened. Saving the pedestrian, Vakhtang sacrificed himself and crashed into a reinforced concrete floor so as not to hurt a walking person. Then he miraculously survived. Juna spent a lot of time and energy on raising her son to his feet. The great healer used all her techniques of treatment, especially contact massage.

Juna Davitashvili

How did Juna’s son die?

Vakhtang died the third of December 2001 under mysterious circumstances. How did Juna’s son die? Many allow different versions of what happened. Since everything was hidden at the beginning, the versions differ from each other.

Let's consider the most common opinions about the causes of Vakhtang Davitashvili’s death.

The first version is the consequences of a car accident. Eyewitnesses say that Vakho never recovered from his severe injuries, which is why he died.

The second version is that, three months after the accident, the young man, feeling better, went to the sauna with friends, there was also Juna’s brother. And that evening he died of heart failure. It is assumed that that evening Vakho could drink alcohol and drugs, which could cause heart problems.

The third version is also connected with the sauna. There is an opinion that Vakho was stabbed to death during a fight, and the healer's son died from his injuries.

She herself, until her last day, thought that her son had been killed. The healer claimed that he was attacked by a group of persons, among whom was a woman. Before her death, Juna said that only two killers were left alive. She also, despite her gift and ability, did not want to take revenge on her son’s murderers, saying that you would not return him anyway.

Relatives claim that it was Juna who threw the version about the car accident to journalists.

However many suggestions have been made about the death of Juna’s son, the truth is hidden from the curious.The healer herself on the day of the funeral of her son was disconcerted with grief. No matter how Vakhtang died, his death was real and deeply injured his mother. Juna’s own gift was buried with her son.

On the last journey

Grave son juna

The funeral of Vakhtang Davitashvili also raises a lot of questions. At first, the son of the seer was buried on the edge of the Vagankovo ​​cemetery in the grave. But two months later, Juna demanded the exhumation and reburial of his remains in a crypt, which she prepared for two. It seemed to the healer that the earth was putting pressure on her son, therefore it was hard for him in the grave.

The funeral of Vakhtang Davitashvili was closed. Retiring the remains in the crypt, Juna put her mobile phone in the coffin. The healer called her son every day until the phone was discharged, that was how she endured the tragedy. 14 years after the death of Vakhtang, Juna went after her son. They buried her in the same crypt above which the monument towers: Juna, embracing her son.

To date, to understand the true cause of the death of his son Juna is almost impossible. Most likely, it was an accidental combination of circumstances, which brought the death of a native person to the healer.

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