Vanga's prediction: "America will go under the water"

In this article we will talk about the great prophetess Vanga, whose predictions have shaken the whole world, one of which says that America will go under water.america will go under water

The birth of the clairvoyant

It appeared on the last day of January 1911 at exactly twelve o'clock in the morning, in the small town of Strumice, which belonged to the Ottoman Empire, today it is part of Macedonia.

Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova was born in the familypoor Bulgarian. The name of the clairvoyant means "good news". Being a newborn was so weak that the parents did not even call her, thinking that she would die. But the baby with the joint fingers of the hands and feet, born earlier for two months, with prisoshushimi ears to the head, has survived in spite of everything.

In those days the child was called according to the localthe custom by which the name was given by the first person on the street. The girl got the name of Andromache, which was rejected by her grandmother, and the prophetess was called Vangelia. Perhaps this name also saved the girl, after baptism on February 26, she abruptly went on the amendment.

Difficult childhood

The war began, and my father had to go to the frontThe first world as a part of the Bulgarian army. At the same time, the mother dies during childbirth. The three-year-old was left alone. She was taken to her as a neighbor by the Turkish woman Asaniya, from whom she lived for three years.

The head of the family returned from the war when the girl wasseven years. My father got married again. The caring stepmother brought her up to 12 years. It should be noted that Vanga was a very hardworking and cheerful girl. I loved playing blind, looking for things blindfolded, so, probably, her gift was already breaking through.

Visual loss

In 1923, another tragedy happened. The girl was blind. The reason for this was a hurricane, which threw it very far from the spring, which with other children was drinking water. And only in the evening she was found lying on the ground, far from the house, littered with branches.

Vanga's eyes were filled with sand. She needed an urgent operation, but the family did not have money, and the girl was completely blind after four years. The reason for this was also the poor diet due to beggarly existence.

Blind Wang became a burden to parents, helpless,she needed care. It was decided to send a daughter to Serbia, a school for the blind. Fifteen-year-old Vangelia there studied the alphabet for the blind, other sciences, studied music, mastered the pianoforte. Moreover, she has learned to fill the bed with her own hands, clean up and even cook.

Heavy youth

A difficult fate continued to haunt her. Stepmother Tanka died, giving birth to the fourth child, the baby also did not survive. So she went home to help her father. Blind girl was well managed on the au pair. She learned to knit in a school for the blind, it brought a small income. My father worked as a shepherd and handyman, but the money was still sorely lacking. Soon, Vanga herself will get very sick with pleurisy. The relatives lost hope that they would survive, but she again rose to her feet.

In 1940, the father was taken from a terrible diseasecontamination of blood. And soon died, he was 54 years old. Vanga foresaw his death. The brothers went to the neighboring village to work as a laborer, leaving her with her sister. By the will of fate, she met the future husband Dimitra Gushterova two years later, with whom she moved to Petrich.

vanga america will go under water

Wang's abilities

The seer with ease determined the illnesses of people, predicted fate. Visitors from all over the world came to her. Vanga could point to a specific healer who will help get rid of the ailment.

Vanga claimed that she received information aboutpeople without reading their thoughts. She came from the spirits of the dead, transparent and glowing with a bright flame, which, like the living ones, move around, sit and laugh. Another way of knowing was through a mysterious voice.

Her predictions

The collapse of the USSR, victory in presidential electionsBoris Yeltsin, a tragedy with a Russian submarine Kursk, a terrorist attack in America on September 11, natural disasters and many other events. About a prediction, we'll talk in more detail: how America will go under water.

America will go under the water prediction

According to the prophetess, the US will disappear from the face of the earth

Let's talk about prophecy, how America will go underwater. Sergei Kostornoy, a journalist and a relative of Vanga, voiced the prediction that the clairvoyant in a narrow circle of close friends and friends gave. But it was ordered until a certain moment not to give out information to the masses. Back in the 70s, she said that there was no America, that she did not see it.

Verbatim from her mouth it did not sound that America would leaveunder the water. She talked about the events, namely, that the US will be headed by the 44th black president, who will be the last ruler. This will be due to the fact that the continent will freeze or suffer from a terrible economic crisis.

The prophetess Vanga indirectly spoke of how,that America will go under water. In recent years, many natural disasters such as tornadoes, disastrous floods, deadly tornadoes and hurricanes have fallen upon it. She never talked about the apocalypse, but she predicted that some countries would disappear from the face of the earth. Therefore, it is not known in which year America will go under water.

in what year will America go under water

What else did Wang talk about America?

She predicted that the country would be mired in a terrible economic crisis, which would be the result of the collapse of the States into independent lands with new leaders.

Confirmed that the United States itself recognizesthe domination of a new leader in the person of Russia, which will gain unprecedented power, uniting all the Slavic countries, which will only grow stronger over the years. Russia will enlist the support of China and India. And the world will reign, all wars and turmoil will end. Thus, the fact that America will go under the water, Vang did not specifically say.

america will go under the water prediction of vanga

And what is the opinion of scientists?

They predict that as a result of the melting of Antarctica glaciers, by 2100 New York will be completely buried under water.

The water level in the world's oceans is risingmuch faster (by 25%) than predicted. Raising the level to two meters is already a disaster, but it is assumed to be five. And already in half a century many large cities from all ends of the world will disappear under the water strata. Scientists suggest that by 2050 the eastern part of the coast of the United States, Canada and Latin America will be flooded. Australia will suffer.

Scientists of America also made a statement thatThe water level in the north-eastern part of the United States is growing at three or even four times faster than in the entire Earth as a whole. A sea level rise of only one meter will lead to more frequent flooding. It will happen more than once in a century, and one every three years. It's like a prediction "America will go under the water."

Apocalypse for the United States and North America is seen by scientists and due to terrible and powerful earthquakes, because of which all coastal territories will be flooded.

If you compare the forecasts of scientists and Vanga's prediction, "America will go under water," it becomes clear that a general picture emerges. But, unfortunately, people do not take this information seriously.

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