Vetclinik "Veles" in Obninsk: description, services, reviews

Pet. It is a sweet creature who trembling waits for a man at home, protects him and even heals from a variety of diseases. Unfortunately, an innocuous pet is often exposed to disease itself. If this happens, it is recommended to seek help from the Velez branch in Obninsk. Qualified personnel, quality equipment and extensive work experience will all achieve a positive result.

Vetclinic Velez Obninsk

Briefly about the organization

The modern veterinary clinic "Veles" in Obninsk waswas created back in 2009. And now she has for eight years pleased with its existence of visitors and customers who have four paws. To date, it is the absolute leader in its city, which has no competitors. In total, there are several characteristic features of this institution:

Vetclinic Velez Obninsk

  • Specialists periodically attend retraining courses, which allows them to become familiar with a large number of possible ailments.

  • Here there are several anesthesiologists able to do local and general anesthesia.

  • To a greater extent, the Veterinary Center is praised forpresence of a laboratory. It has the most modern equipment. This will make a qualitative diagnosis and find out the cause of malaise pet.

  • There is a huge range of services for animals in the field of surgery, therapy and cardiology.

  • On the territory of the center there is a trading shop where you can buy the necessary multivitamins, a medical product or an accessory for your pet.

The institution, located on the street. Komarova, house 6, is very responsible for his reputation. Therefore, employees do everything necessary to ensure that the customer remains satisfied with the quality of their services.

Services at home

Many livestock keepers can not pay due attentionto render to their pets. Basically, this is due to lack of free time. In the vélène "Veles" in Obninsk, a service is available to call a specialist at home. Moreover, it can be done at a fairly low cost. Each animal must be vaccinated. And for this there is no need to visit a medical institution.

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Basic services

Customers can not remain disappointed. In the veterinary clinic, located at ul. Komarova, Building 6, provides several types of basic services:

veterinary center

  • Initial examination of the pet is carried out. If the animal feels bad, it is brought to a consultation. The specialist examines it and is determined with the method of subsequent diagnosis.

  • Qualitatively there are services of stomatology: examination of the oral cavity, treatment or extraction of teeth.
  • Surgical examination: surgery, bandage application, removal of foreign bodies, haircut of nails, removal of the secretion of the gland and much more.

  • Improving labor, managing difficult pregnancies and delivering.

  • A huge list of a wide variety of anesthesia services: injected inside under the skin, in the form of drops or rubbing.

In addition, there is a huge number of diagnostic services on modern equipment. All this will allow to identify the disease at the earliest stage of its development.

About the cost

The Veterinary Center has a huge numberadvantages. Despite this, it is distinguished by affordable prices. For example, any vaccination can be made at a low price - only 700 rubles. The cost of all tests and diagnostic measures ranges from 800 to 1500 rubles. From 300 rubles is a specialist consultation. Usually, the price for a second inspection is reduced. The most expensive service is a surgical operation. It can cost more than 7,000 rubles.

Vetclinic Veles Obninsk reviews

Positive reviews

Every local resident knows about the existence of Velez veterinary clinic in Obninsk. The people who used her services singled out a few positive qualities:

  • Always polite staff, to whom it is pleasant to seek help. They can find an approach to anyone, even the most capricious animal, distracting him from the procedures. The pet remains satisfied.
  • Only here experts can quickly enoughto diagnose. In many other establishments at the sight of unknown symptoms they spread their hands. Here they quickly make diagnostics, and in 99 percent of cases it is possible to find out the cause of the disease in time.

  • It is not necessary to stand for a long time inqueue. You can make an appointment in any convenient way and come to the appointed time. The patient is not able to pass before the person who has a certain time of admission.

  • After the operation, the veterinarian observes the condition of the animal for several months, if necessary, he appoints complex therapy for him.
  • Of course, can not but rejoice at affordable prices.

 Vetclinic Veles Obninsk phone

All the numerous reviews about the Veles clinic in Obninsk suggest that you can trust her. Do not doubt.

Negative feedback

Unfortunately, not all clients managed to "please". Accordingly, there are also negative statements about this medical institution. Basically, they have the following content:

  • The specialist did not come to the reception because of illness, and the administration could not resolve this situation.

  • The client was not warned about a possible side effect.
  • The medical store did not have the necessary medicine.

The personnel of Velez Vetklinik in Obninsk strictly monitors all comments left by those who used the services. And he tries to correct minor shortcomings.

Contact Information

The most convenient way to enroll in a specialist -fill in the form on the official website, indicate the purpose of the visit and wait for the call of the specialist. You can also come to the institution at: ul. Komarova, 6, and get a detailed consultation on the admission of a specialist. You can make an appointment by calling Veles clinic in Obninsk. The phone is listed in any modern reference book.

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