Several stories from the project participants
The main problem is that many of the children do not know who they want to be in the future. Most of them are confident that they will not be able to achieve career success. With the help of the project, they begin to think big. Project curators and mentors communicate with children a lot in order to unlock their potential and put them on the right track.
Dorogan Alexandra, 18 years old
family-type children's home "Isaev"
Her dream is to open her own network of beauty salons and become a hairdresser-stylist. She often walks alone in the fresh air, which gives her the opportunity to better understand herself. It is very open for communication and has the ability to express your thoughts in a very interesting way.
Martynyuk Valentina, 18 years old
Boarding school for children with disabilities
Dreams of becoming a makeup artist.
She is interested in the beauty industry, sings well, loves
organize various events.
Bobkova Maria, 17 years old
migrant from the Crimea, half-orphans, lives in the family of his uncle
Maria is a modest and positive girl. In the future, wants to become a psychologist. Dreaming of a gift from the heart.
Kovalenko Daria, 15 years old
deprived of parental care
family-type children's home "Isaev"
He sees the beauty of the world and therefore wants to become a photographer. Cheerful and brisk girl.

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