Vitamins "Alphabet" - the most good reviews

We do not have enough vitamins

If we look at a table containing information on how many vitamins we need to consume daily, we can find that 90 percent of the norm is not enough. This is due to the monotonous, not very high-quality food, as well as the fact that most of the population leads a passive lifestyle, which does not allow to eat food in sufficiently large quantities. For example, to consume a daily intake of calcium, you need to drink about 2 liters of milk. Compensation of deficiency of nutrients are designed to implement a variety of pills and syrups.

vitamins alphabet reviews

Unique complex

These include vitamins "Alphabet", reviews of which appeared immediately after the release of the drug on the market. They have the original formula, according to which the nutrients are distributed so as to interact with each other in the best possible way. If you look at how classic Alphabet vitamins are arranged, their composition may look like this:

- white capsule containing vitamins of group B (B1 and B6), iodine, copper, iron, molybdenum;

- blue capsule, including vitamins E, A, C, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium;

- pink capsule with vitamins of group B (B2, B12, B5, B6, B9), K1, H, calcium and chromium.

The company also produces complexes for children (3-7 years), people with diabetes, adolescents, and schoolchildren. In addition, there is a development to improve the appearance and increase vitality.

vitamins alphabet composition

Application results

People taking vitamins "Alphabet", reviews of them can be not immediately, but after a certain course. According to the instructions, the drug should be used daily for three tablets of different colors with a break between doses of 4-6 hours, to ensure maximum absorption. If the use of a capsule of the same color is skipped, then it should be eaten together with a pill of the next color. As a rule, feeding the body with useful vitamins and minerals leads to an increase in tone, reduction of any diseases caused by a deficiency of one or another element.

For those who take the Alphabet vitamins, feedback from others can be changed from neutral to enthusiastic.And for this there will be grounds. For example, with the help of selenium mineral, you can get a good skin condition, get rid of inflammation, improve the condition of the thyroid gland in patients with hyperthyroidism, as well as reproductive function in men and women. Zinc has a beneficial effect on the state of muscles and the acid-base balance. Magnesium is involved in the correct course of the processes of the nervous system. And so each of the components, which in this vitamin complex at least twenty.

vitamins alphabet Price

In the conditions of an economic crisis the price of this or that preparation is important. For those who have already bought the Alphabet vitamins, the price of the drug seemed quite affordable. The most expensive package costs several hundred rubles and contains a large course of two hundred and ten tablets. There are small sets of 30 capsules at a cost of about 120 rubles.

For those who are interested in vitamins "Alphabet", reviews of doctors about the use of which are also positive, we inform you that the course is usually prescribed for 1.5-3 months, usually in the spring, when the body is weak and needs additional support.

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