"Vitrum Baby", multivitamins with minerals: manual, reviews

"Vitrum Baby" is one of the most famousvitamin complexes, which pediatricians prescribe to enhance the immunity of the child, especially in the autumn-winter period. But not all parents, unfortunately, know about them, and choose other, more expensive vitamins with less effect.Vitrum baby

Form of issue

One of the main advantages of Vitrum Babyis that they are not produced in the usual round tablets of a round shape, but in the form of chewing bears. It is this form that attracts children's attention. In addition, sweet and pleasant taste makes them even more tempting for children, and they often ask parents to give a vitamin even more. Vitamins "Vitrum Baby" are produced in two types of packages - 30 and 60 pieces each.

vitamins and minerals


"Vitrum Baby" contains not only vitaminsand minerals, but also other auxiliary substances, which make them so delicious. The composition includes calcium, iron, ascorbic acid, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, copper and many other substances that are necessary for the normal growth and development of the child.

Not all children eat right, and not becauseparents are not following it, but they just act up at meals. In addition, some babies are very difficult to give any fruit or vegetable. Usually up to 5 years they may not eat them at all. That is why there is a growing need for additional vitamins and minerals. Or else it will lead to a deficit, and as a result, a weakening of immunity.

pharmachologic effect

Due to the fact that the componentsvitamin complex are selected in such a way that almost daily demand for them is filled, they have a positive impact on the development of the baby, on its growth. In addition, everyone knows that if a child's body does not suffer from a deficit in certain components, it better confronts bacteria and microbes that enter it.

Vitrum baby: reviews

"Vitrum Baby": instruction

Many pediatricians recommend giving their childrenthis is the drug, because you only need to drink one pill a day, unlike other vitamin complexes, where you need to do this three times a day at regular intervals.

"Vitrum Baby" from 2 to 5 years must be given onetablet once a day. In no case should you give two or three, even if the child asks very much, because the excess of minerals and vitamins leads to a disruption in the work of vital organs.

Indications for use

Basically, pediatricians are prescribed to take a vitamin-mineral complex in the following cases:

  • for the prevention of deficiency of important vitamins and minerals;
  • in the autumn-winter period;
  • to increase the protective forces of the body in those children who are often sick;
  • after the transferred illness, especially if it was necessary to be treated by antibiotics;
  • with malnutrition;
  • with poor appetite;
  • with strong physical load;
  • in a period of rapid growth.

Vitrum baby from 2 to 5


Despite the fact that "Vitrum Baby" is verya good drug that helps to fill the missing vitamins and minerals in the body, there are a number of contraindications when it should not be given. They include:

  1. Hypervitaminosis of vitamins such as A and D.
  2. Hyperthyroidism, when the thyroid gland produces too many hormones.
  3. Wilson-Konovalov's disease, when the exchange of copper in the body is disturbed, because of what it is deposited in internal organs. This is a hereditary disease.
  4. Children under 2 years. It is up to this age that it is believed that a child may not react to the additional vitamins that enter his body.
  5. Sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients in the formulation.

vitrum babi vitamins

Side effect

Many parents note that after severaldays of reception at the child there is an eruption which gradually extends on all body. First of all, parents assume a kind of chickenpox disease. But pediatricians say that one of the main side effects during the "Vitrum Baby" reception will be just the above-described rash, which first appears on the chest and stomach, and then gradually spreads throughout the body. In this case, it is necessary to stop taking the vitamin complex, since it will not bring the expected benefits.


As a rule, an overdose happens whenthe child found a place where vitamins lie, and independently took out and ate everything from there. In this case, it is necessary to urgently give activated charcoal, which will help to remove everything from the body, rinse the stomach. And, of course, treat the symptoms that manifest themselves in the form of rashes and nausea.

Vitrum baby. Price

Interaction with other drugs

It is strictly forbidden to take Vitrum Babyin the event that at the same time another specialist prescribed vitamins such as A, E, D or iron, because with excessive intake of them into the body, an overdose can occur that also has a negative effect on the functioning of organs, as well as a deficit.


Many patients are appointed "Vitrum Baby". The price depends on the region in which the person lives. In addition, it affects and in what pharmacy a person makes a purchase. Usually in municipal pharmacy kiosks the cost is approximately 50-80 rubles lower than in private ones. If we talk about price gaps, it's about 360 to 500 rubles.

"Vitrum Baby": reviews

Separately, it is necessary to say what parents think about the drug. As a rule, reviews can be either positive or negative. Positive reviews:

  • a pleasant taste, the child takes a vitamin with pleasure and does not say that he does not like it;
  • minimum of dyes - usually vitamins have a slightly pinkish or yellowish color;
  • can be purchased at any pharmacy in the city and do not need to be ordered;
  • you can buy either 30 or 60 tablets, since the treatment for each small patient is different;
  • contains in itself all the necessary vitamins and minerals that help to fill the lack of those in the body;
  • a convenient lid, which the child can not open by himself;
  • Do not need to buy additional packages, since the amount is calculated just for the full course of treatment.

Vitrum baby: user manual

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to pay attention tonegative reviews, because, despite the good reviews about the drug from doctors, not all parents and children like it. So, negative reviews include:

  1. Allergic reaction to the components of the drug. Many parents note that after a few days of taking the baby, a rash appeared on the body, which can be withdrawn only by stopping the use of the vitamin complex.
  2. Strong smell from vitamins, which sometimes do not like children.
  3. The high price. Some people note that there are cheaper vitamins, the composition of which is similar to the "Vitrum Baby", but the price is much lower.

In addition, some parents say thatno positive effect after taking vitamins did not come. And promising appeals that after one course the immunity of the child rises, have not justified themselves.

special instructions

Some parents find that the child afterBeginning of the "Vitrum Baby" reception, the color of urine changed, and it became darker. Not all pediatricians warn about this feature. Due to the content of riboflavin in the vitamins, the stool and urine of the baby can change color. Do not panic, as this is a natural process.

The opinion of pediatricians

Separately, it should be said that they think themselvesPediatricians regarding the drug Vitrum Baby. Their responses are also different, as is the case with the patients themselves. Some believe that this is the best vitamin complex, after application of which the immunity of the baby will increase, and it will become less susceptible to colds.

Others are categorically against such additives,because they believe that vitamins need to be replenished naturally. Or, to identify the vitamin that is not enough, and focus on it, so that there is no excess of others.

"Vitrum Baby" is a very famous drug thatis prescribed for children to fill the deficiencies of certain vitamins. But before you start drinking it, you need to consult a pediatrician, as there are a number of contraindications and possible side effects.

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