"War on the West": how it was

The huge work of Ivan Stadnyuk "War" (toUnfortunately, not finished because of the author's death) was transformed into the epic "War on the West" in 1990. The author of the script for the famous film "Maxim Perepelitsa" managed to reach his story only until the autumn of 1941. These were the most terrible pages of the history of World War II for our country.

The war began at dawn

The unsuspecting inhabitants of the then Soviet country woke up to one of the regular summer Sundays happy and calm.war in the westBut this day was a countdown of thisopposition, which even in the nightmare is not privided. "On June 22, exactly at 4 am Kiev bombed, we were announced that war had begun" ... The words of a half-forgotten song return us in those June days when the very existence of the Slavic nation was at stake. For some reason, Hitler was particularly disliked by the Slavs. Well, still, of course, gypsies and Jews. He wanted to erase these people from the face of the planet or leave some particularly talented representatives for their special purposes. The war in the western direction began with the siege of the Brest Fortress. Some movements on the other side of the Western Bug have long troubled the commanders, but they were told not to worry. Either traitors made their contribution, and the command was in pink dreams about the indestructibility of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, or simply no one thought about such impudence of Adolf Hitler.

Summer of 1941

But the fact remains. And those who are now, in our days, visited the museum in which the territory of the Brest Fortress has been turned into, have no illusions.series war on the westThey either cry or think soberly about what they are doing,what was the war in the western direction in the summer of 1941. Many coming here specially to find the trace of their deceased relatives who served at the border of that time, receive exhaustive answers. What the series "War on the West" shows, a small, consisting of only 6 episodes of the film, is only a small fraction of what the people and their soldiers experienced then. The main hero in the tape is the commander of the mechanized corps Fyodor Chumakov. This is the collective image of several generals of that great era. The defeat of the summer of 1941 was not his fault, but the fault was primarily the commander-in-chief, with whose name our soldiers were dying on the lips, and his staff, who did not believe that the fascists could attack so treacherously and so suddenly.

Actors and roles

The role of Chumakov was played by Victor Stepanov,famous for his created image of a mature Mikhail Lomonosov in the eponymous saga. "War on the West" became another milestone on the star path of this untimely deceased artist.war on the westward 1990He played this image honestly, without superfluousbragging, honor and praise. Joseph Stalin embodied in the film "War on the West" in 1990 Archil Gomiashvili. This actor was unlucky from the very beginning, he almost became a hostage to his starring role in the comedy Gaidai "12 chairs." As once Alexander Demyanenko became forever Shurik, so Gomiashvili almost always appeared as a great rascal Ostap Bender. It's great that the authors of the mini-series "War on the West" gave the artist the opportunity to become this mustachioed "father of nations". Other roles were occupied by no less eminent Mikhail Ulyanov, Nikolai Zasukhin and Andrei Tolubeev.

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