We sew a bow tie for a gentleman

In this master class I will talk about how to sew a bow tie. The butterfly will be tied, but the back will be fastened with a velcro.
We will need:
A cloth flap; for my butterfly it took 30x50 cm.
Flizelin on a paper basis of the same size as the fabric.
Safety pins.
Hot glue gun.
Velcro narrow (1 cm) in the tone of a butterfly, 10 cm.
Tie Supplies

Preparing the pattern. We print this pattern on A4 paper. Estimate at least very tentatively the girth of the neck of the one to whom the butterfly intends. At this stage, right on the pattern, you can add or remove a few centimeters, then cut the pattern.
Preparing the pattern

We apply the patterns of both elements to the non-woven fabric, we shear them with pins, we trace and cut without allowances.
Cut out

Clasp with pins non-woven patterns (adhesive side to the fabric), iron with an iron, cut out with an allowance of 0.5 cm.
Apply the patterns of both elements

We pin our workpieces with a cloth (with the sides facing inwards) with pins.
Sliced ​​with pins

We sweep the typewriter.Leave a hole for turning out; it is better to leave it somewhere in the middle of each element, it will be easier to turn it out. We cut corners as close as possible to the line on the wrong side.
We turn out both elements, we sew up a hole with a secret seam.
We iron the details.
Iron the details

Tie a butterfly. This process can take as much time as tailoring the butterfly itself. I use these instructions for tying butterflies from the Internet.
small fragment

Now you need to make a fastener. We cut the velcro along - so that its width is no more than 0.5 cm.
The bow tie

Glue adhesive tape to the butterfly with hot glue. That part of the Velcro, which is softer will be longer than hard. Soft part glue all to one part of the butterfly, from the hard part of the Velcro cut off a small piece 1x0.5 cm and glue with hot glue to another part of the butterfly.
Enjoying the result.
Tie with your own hands

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