We understand how to connect the LED strip

Today, LED lamps are widely used for tuning cars. Therefore, many car owners are thinking about how to connect the LED strip. After all, it is not only original, but also safe, as well as one of the cheapest ways to make a car brighter. These tapes are not only durable, but also economical. They are most often designed for a voltage of 12 volts. It is also worth noting that they are very convenient for self-assembly and connection.

how to connect led strip

Choose where to place

In addition to the question: "How to connect the LED strip in the car?", It is necessary to answer another: "What function should it perform?". After all, they are very versatile: they can be given any shape, produce a smooth regulation of brightness, and hence the location can be chosen the most different. They are most popular in the cabin, namely, as the backlight on the front seats, the ceiling or dashboard lights.Outside, the LED strip is used to illuminate discs, axles, the bottom of the car, license plate or trunk. In short, it all depends on the owner's imagination.

LED device installation

So you chose a place for fixing the tape, purchased the tape itself of the color and size you need, all you have to do is decide how to connect the LED tape? Most often, the installation and connection is made on cars. Ideally, the tape is attached imperceptibly, so that it does not interfere with further maintenance work or car repairs. After you have decided on the place of attachment, it is necessary to determine the length of the attachment section. You can cut the amount of LED strip you need with simple scissors. On the tapes, they specifically mark the place of the cut, and that’s what you need to cut.

 how to connect the led strip in the car

LED strip soldering

Next, proceed to soldering. But it is important to remember that the soldering iron should choose a low-power one, since the LEDs, like all semiconductors, are very sensitive to high temperatures. In addition to the soldering iron, you will need pieces of wire, the length of which will be 20 centimeters, and the cross section of 0.75 mm.It is necessary to clean the ends of the wire, tin them with rosin, and then carefully solder to the tape. In order to avoid overheating, the spike time should not exceed 10 seconds!

Professional Tips

Experts, answering the question: “How to connect an LED strip in a car?”, It is advised, if a single-color ribbon is chosen, use black and red wires, where black is minus, red is plus. But when using a multicolor tape should take the red, blue, black and green wires. Do not forget that the place of soldering must be insulated! For these purposes, it is best to use a heat shrink tube: cut off a piece of 2-3 centimeters in length, pull it neatly onto the place you need and warm it up. At high temperatures, this tube will shrink, thereby not only isolating the place of adhesion, but also increasing its rigidity. In order to heat the tube, use a building dryer. It has special nozzles that protect the LED from heat. In the most extreme case, you can use a match or cigarette lighter.

how to connect the led strip in the car


Directly to the on-board network we connect monochrome tapes, at the same time we connect the plus to the plus, and the minus is output to the body.Similarly, we connect a multicolor tape, but in this case a controller is additionally installed between the device and the battery. Here at installation three schemes turn out (for providing power supply of green, red and blue colors). We connect black wires of a tape to sockets of the controller. We do all the work according to the following notation: V is power, R is red, G is green, B is blue. On the controller we apply voltage from the battery. You can adjust the switching of colors, their brightness and speed using the control panel.

How to connect the LED strip to the car body?

For this use special plastic clips. Fastening tape produced or to the body of the car, or to a special metal corners, which are pre-fastened with screws.

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