What did you do for the country?

What did you do for the country? which, people, tourism, prefer, the Evenks, besides, earning, of the other, have, often, receive, will, money, masterclasses, accommodation, And, used, starts, only, Amur Region

I write to a large enough audience at various venues, among them Echo-Moscow, Snob, Governors. Ru, LiveJournal and others. And when I read the comments, I understand that I face another world. A world in which they prefer only to criticize and do nothing.
And in life, I communicate with a huge number of people who, with their every day work, contribute to the development of the country. I especially respect people who develop domestic tourism in Russia.
For example, Amur Evenki invite tourists to their place. During the taiga walk, guests can try national cuisine, spend the night in the plague and feed deer from the palm of their hand. Big starts with a small, high tourist potential of the Amur region is just beginning to be used. Moreover, for the night, the table and the master classes the money will be received by the Evenks themselves, who often have no other income than selling venison. At the same time, old-timers are asking visitors not to break, not to shoot, not to drink alcohol.
Mountain landscapes and deep rivers of the Amur region give the region a unique charm. These are exactly those vacationers who prefer eco-tourism.It will be necessary for me to go on holiday to the Amur region.

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