What dilates the blood vessels of the brain? Vasodilator drugs and folk remedies

What dilates the blood vessels of the brain? Such information will be useful for both young and old people. As can be seen from medical statistics, the need to use special medicines occurs in many people. Prevent problems by including products that dilate blood vessels in the diet - this will help maintain your health in good condition, without resorting to synthetic drugs. Let's try to consider what dilates the blood vessels of the brain, which options are more effective, which - the safest.

citramon dilates cerebral vessels

It is important!

If a person suffers from diseases associated with insufficient blood supply to the brain, in certain situations, the doctor may prescribe special pills. It will be necessary to follow his instructions as accurately as possible, without correcting the recommended program, without canceling it and without replacing the prescribed tool.But in the absence of a medical recommendation, drugs cannot be abused. If a headache is often observed, other symptoms indicating a lack of blood supply, you need to go to the doctor’s office as soon as possible in order to identify the cause of the disease and deal with it. Attempts to cure the symptoms, if they are associated with pathology, home methods will not lead to success, you should not count on it. To your health should be treated very carefully and carefully.

Well, if the discomfort is rarely disturbed, then you need to know what dilates the blood vessels of the brain, to have a suitable means at hand so that when this situation occurs, quickly give yourself first aid.

The urgency of the problem

Often, changes in the quality of the circulatory system of the brain are observed due to age, affecting a variety of organs and systems. However, as can be seen from medical statistics, at present the problem is significantly younger and worried not only by the average age, but also by boys and girls.

what pills expand brain vessels

Virtually anyone who abuses alcohol or tobacco products knows firsthand which pills are dilating the blood vessels of the brain.The issue is relevant for those who lead an inactive life, moves a little, eats salty, fatty, has extra pounds. Summing up: an impressive percentage of our society in one degree or another is faced with the unpleasant effects of impaired blood circulation. Doctors cry out: if you suspect serious abnormalities, you do not need to pull, you should immediately visit a doctor to save health and quality of life.

Vessels: what influences?

What dilates the blood vessels of the brain, which helps to reduce the lumen? There are quite a few factors associated with diet, physical activity, bad habits, the ability to relax, recuperate. Extremely negative on the human body affect stressful situations.

To optimize the activity of the circulatory system, heart, brain, you need to eliminate fat, fried, salt, add greens, vegetables, milk, fish to the diet. Benefit will bring vegetable oils (olive, flax, sunflower) - however, they are not suitable for frying, and are suitable only as a salad dressing. To make the blood better in quality, you should pamper yourself with berries, fruits.If the body receives vitamins, minerals in the quantity it needs, it has a positive effect on all organs, including blood vessels, brain, heart.

Herbal ingredients for the benefit of man

It has long been known how to expand the vessels of the brain with folk remedies - plants and herbs that have a positive effect on the condition of the organs have been used by healers for centuries. Some are good in the form of a long course, others can be used one-time. Perhaps the most popular option - drinks made with honey, lemon, ginger. They activate the blood flow, supply the heart muscle with the necessary components, positively affect the immune system, strengthen the body.

Alternative - tea brewed with rhizome of valerian. The plant relieves cramps, perfectly soothes. A teaspoon of crushed rhizomes take a glass of boiling water, wrapped in a shawl and allowed to brew until the liquid has cooled. Drink gradually, all day, through the throat.

Pepper Ointment

A variety of folk remedies are known for the expansion of brain vessels, and one of the good options is an ointment made on the basis of hot peppers.For three dried pods of a bitter variety (no need to separate the seeds), crushed in a mill, take half a liter of liquid hot pig fat (not boiling water!), Mix thoroughly, and allow to cool. The tool will have to be stored in the refrigerator, using small portions for rubbing. Handle the palms, feet. It helps well if the limbs are cold and the blood flow is slow. Upon completion of the massage procedure, you need to wrap the treated areas with a wool shawl.

alcohol constricts or dilates the blood vessels of the brain

If there is no desire to prepare the ointment on its own, you can purchase a drug intended for external use, which dilates the brain vessels, at a pharmacy. A quite large variety of specific over-the-counter products is currently on sale. Many are quite cheap, available to the general population. Please note: if the problem is of concern to the extent that you have to regularly use pharmaceutical products, it is probably time to visit the doctor.

Alcohol and blood flow

How many rumors, opinions about alcohol narrows or dilates the blood vessels of the brain! Some saythat it only makes things worse, while others are convinced that this is the best way to treat any sores, including those associated with the brain, heart, blood vessels.

Experts pay attention: under the influence of alcohol vessels really expand, and even a small amount is enough - a tablespoon of drink. But in a larger volume one should not expect a therapeutic effect, the result will be only toxic to the liver. Alcohol cannot be combined with the majority of drugs, therefore it is categorically not allowed to resort to such a popular method when undergoing a therapeutic course.

Vitamin PP

Presented as nicotinic acid. Known to have a positive effect on the cerebral blood supply system. Under the influence of such a drug that dilates the vessels of the brain, an influx of life-giving fluid is activated both to the extremities and to one of the most important human organs - the brain. In practice, the effect is felt by the tingling of the feet, palms, head, cheeks and a blush.

to expand the vessels of the brain folk remedies

The drug is intended for long-term use - daily after a meal, orally or injectively, the duration of the program - a month. For adults, the dosage of tablets is three times daily, 2 tablets (100 mg).Nicotinic acid can not be used for gastric ulcers and high acidity of juice.

Aspirin, Analgin

Perhaps these are the most well-known and actively used at the present time vasodilators for the brain. Show a positive effect with minor ailments. The dose must be selected individually, focusing on the general condition of the body and disturbing manifestations. It is recommended that before starting a therapeutic course to seek help from a qualified doctor, it is strongly not recommended to prescribe a program of treatment for yourself.


This vasodilator drug for the brain shows a quick result - almost immediately after use. If the spasm provoked a severe headache, it is enough to take a pill, and after a short time the problem will disappear. When you repeat the situation, you should contact the doctor to determine the cause - there is a chance that the syndrome is triggered by a serious pathology. An alternative remedy with a similar effect is Spasmalgon. Both are well established, have long been known, many are considered almost a magic wand.

folk remedies for the expansion of cerebral vessels

Inexpensive and reliable

A good option is the papaverine pill.In pharmacies, only 10 rubles are requested for one package, therefore the availability of the product is comparable with the above-mentioned analgin and aspirin. The tool is among the indispensable, it is recommended to have it in the home first-aid kit just in case. The drug helps to eliminate high blood pressure, relieves spasms, under its influence a headache passes.

Not only papaverine tablets are on sale, but also suppositories for rectal use, injection solution and the drug intended for use in children - the concentration of the active ingredient in one tablet is lower than in the regular release. The tool has a number of contraindications, the manufacturer warns about the possibility of side effects. There is a possibility of an allergic reaction. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use to investigate the causes of vasoconstriction, to determine which means will be most effective, whether to use medications with papaverine, and whether they are suitable for a particular patient.

Vinca alkaloids

Many people know that the “Cavinton” tablets have a good effect on the narrowing of blood vessels.Instructions for use of this drug contains a mention that the active ingredient is Vinpocetine, that is, the vinca alkaloid. This group of compounds has long found a use in the pharmaceutical industry. Medicinal products are made from natural raw materials. Efficiency is characterized as an antispasmodic, the walls of blood vessels relax, due to which the lumen increases. Vinca alkaloids have a positive effect on brain tissue, activating exchange reactions.

Piracetam instructions for use analogues

Proper use in accordance with the instructions for use of tablets "Kavinton" and other drugs on the periwinkle alkaloids can improve blood flow at the level of microscopic vessels, as platelets are not glued together under the influence of the drug. The use of the drug allows you to provide high-quality nutrition of the nervous tissue, which has a positive effect on the brain as a whole.

Nootropics to help a person

Drugs in this group stimulate the brain and have a positive effect on the state of the blood vessels. They can be used in a wide range of pathologies, including those associated with mental disorders.The most famous representative of the nootropic group is Piracetam. Instructions for use (analogs of the drug - "Nootropil", "Memotropil") contain a reference to possible intolerance, therefore, the drug should only be used by prior consultation with your doctor.

The price of "Piracetam" varies about 40 rubles for a package containing 60 tablets. Also on sale is a solution for injective administration.

Combined and efficient

Perhaps, almost any modern person who has ever been confronted with such a problem knows for sure how well the “Citramon” expands the vessels of the brain. The medication simultaneously relieves spasms, eliminates pain, has a positive effect on pressure, increases the lumen of blood vessels and lowers the temperature if there is a fever. Therapy with its use is not only common headaches of various causes, but also cold.

drugs dilating blood vessels of the brain

"Citramon" is quite cheap - about 10 rubles per pack with a dozen pills, sold in almost any pharmacy, in our country is included in the list of essential medicines. Experts recommend that you always keep at least one plate of tablets in your first-aid kit in order to provide first aid to a person who is suddenly ill.

Grains and Beans Against Vasoconstriction

Whole grains have a positive effect on the state of the human body. The bread prepared from such a product is saturated with dietary fiber, which helps to remove toxic components from the body and cleanse the circulatory system from harmful cholesterol. In addition to bread, oatmeal, buckwheat, unpeeled rice will bring benefits.

The abundance in its composition of fiber, protein structures, iron, legumes - beans, lentils and other representatives of this class of plants. In addition, these products contain a lot of folic acid, but there are no fatty acids at all. Inclusion of food using beans in a regular diet helps to prevent the development of atherosclerosis and expand blood vessels. It is believed that this is a good preventive measure against stroke. Fiber, which is so rich in legumes, has a positive effect on the peripheral circulatory system.

Asparagus and cabbage for the benefit of the body

Asparagus is an excellent product that effectively cleanses the circulatory system, which has a beneficial effect on the brain, including the blood flow in it.It is believed that this is one of the most powerful natural cleaners of the arterial system. Old inflammatory processes can be eliminated by adding to your diet an adequate amount of greenery. The active ingredients contained in the organic material eliminate minor blockages. Asparagus is good on the side dish, has a delicious taste, especially if you cook it properly. Perfectly digested product, if before serving to fill a small amount of olive oil.

brain vasodilators

An excellent result will bring the inclusion in the menu of dishes with cabbage. All kinds, varieties are suitable, even though we are familiar with the white one, even though exotic. All varieties are rich in minerals, vitamin complexes. Regular consumption of the product helps to prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques, therefore, the likelihood of blood clots is reduced, the circulatory system is maintained in a clean state, the lumens are not narrowed.

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