What does the name Egor mean?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
November 30, 2012
What does the name Egor mean?

Egor, Egorushka, Egorka - what a beautiful male name! Egor - sounds strong and proud, sonorous and courageous. And how many tender options for the expression of love and tenderness. But who are these people named Yegor? What does the name Egor mean ... You have a boy born and you choose a name, think, maybe this is Egor?

Name history

Every day we hear hundreds of names. Many names cause us certain associations and emotions. Some name reminds us of a historical character, some brings pleasant memories of a loved one, acquaintance or friend. Some names we like, some unpleasant. But where did the names come from?

In all ancient civilizations, each person was given a name, that is, a name to distinguish it from others. But the name was given for a reason, because it characterized not only the occupation or profession of a person, but also largely determined his life course, character traits, distinctive features and even fate. The name was chosen very carefully.In many cultures, a person was given two or more names and the present, only the closest knew the first. This was done so that a bad person could not harm the owner of the name.

So what does the name Egor mean? This name has ancient Greek roots and is derived from George - “plowman” or “farmer”. Egor is an Old Russian version of the name. There are many derivatives of it: Zhora, Egosh, Egony, Gosha, Egun, Goshun, Gog and Kunya.

Name Egor and the nature of its owner

Egor, as a rule, have an analytical mind. Since childhood, they show distrust of strangers and great tenacity, even in small things. They do not tolerate falsehood in people. Themselves always try to be truthful and direct. Egor is good at any business, because they are always diligent and very hardworking. The material component is very important for them, so they are doing their best to achieve the goal.

Egor is very strong personality. In the family, they become undisputed leaders. They show firmness in serious matters, require much from themselves and from those around them. Prosperity, order and justice always reign in their family.

And do not forget to congratulate your friends Egorov with the names of February 4 and 16, March 6, May 2 and June 27!

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