What is a holiday?

Most people spend their lives inwork, earning a daily bread. Alternating weekdays, weekends are called to give a rest, sufficient to restore strength. Unlike the days off, the holidays are not designed for recreation, but rather for celebrating a special event. To find out what a holiday is, it is necessary to turn to the etymology of this word, which originated from the word "idle", that is, free, not occupied. In other words, a holiday is a day of celebration, which is set in memory or in honor of an event. And the holiday can fall as a specific number annually, and be determined by other patterns. Types of holidays can be considered according to different criteria, but in some cases, a clear boundary is difficult to hold, since the same holiday can be suitable for several categories.

State and national holidays

This type of holidays is established by the stateand their main goal is to create a community of people living in the territory of the state. Such holidays bear a political and ideological meaning, they have a high degree of "protocolality".

Religious holidays

This type of holidays also has a high degreebut their purpose is to remind them of the supreme divine and ecclesiastical laws, the revival of spirituality and the unity of representatives of one religion or confession.

Folk holidays

The history of these holidays isthe depth of centuries. Their roots can be found in ancient beliefs, in communal traditions. Folk holidays are characterized by their spontaneity, organic and natural. It is people's holidays that help to understand what a holiday is in the original sense. Some public holidays have a tendency to eventually turn into folk.

Family holidays

Only the memory of events and dates that haveattitude towards a particular family, helps feel like a member of this community. For this purpose family holidays are intended. They rally relatives, reminding of belonging to one family. These holidays are traditional and intimate.

Professional Holidays

This kind of holidays is close to folk, however italso differs and high organization. The purpose of this type of holidays is to identify and strengthen the community of people of one profession or one occupation. If a professional holiday is celebrated by the whole collective of one organization, it promotes the formation of informal friendly ties between its members and the strengthening of the collective.

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