What is an electronic card?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 28, 2013
What is an electronic card?

From the beginning of 2013, any Russian citizen has the right to receive a universal electronic card. For this he needs to apply. The organization of the issuance and manufacture of UEC is handled by authorized federal executive bodies. But first, let's see what a universal electronic card is.

What is the UEC

An electronic card is a regular plastic card that has a magnetic strip and a microprocessor chip. It contains visual information:

  • surname, name, patronymic of the user;
  • user photo;
  • number of the most universal electronic card;
  • card expiry date;
  • contact details of the authorized organization;
  • SNILS, insurance number of an individual personal account, which has a person insured in the compulsory pension insurance system of the Russian Federation.

UEC features

Many citizens of Russia ask the question, what is an electronic card of universal use and what is it for.The UEC will be an assistant to its owner in receiving state and municipal services in electronic form, without contacting the Office. This card will replace the social cards that were issued before and were issued in the regions. UEC will combine different documents, this is a policy of mandatory pension and health insurance, and travel documents for transport, and more.

Electronic card can have different electronic applications, regional, federal, municipal. Due to this, its owner has the opportunity to receive state and municipal services in the field of social security, education and health care in electronic form.

The card has an electronic banking application. This makes it possible to pay in stores for non-cash purchases. Also, it can be used to pay for various services (taxes and fines, payments for housing and public utilities, transportation). It allows you to conduct financial transactions using ATMs, pensions and social benefits can also be transferred to a universal electronic card. The cardholder chooses any bank from the list of banks, participants of this program, at will.

All cards use the Russian payment system PRO.The card provides for the possibility of connecting it to the system of commercial service providers. This allows you to use the card as a fuel card or as a pass for that or another enterprise.

UEC supports all currently known methods of protecting information (cryptographic, software, hardware). This eliminates the possibility of falsifying a card and its illegal use by others.

The card is valid throughout the Russian Federation, regardless of the region in which its owner lives.

Now you know what it is and why you need a universal electronic card (UEC).

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