What is dreadlocks: photo, description. How do dreadlocks?

As much as possible creativity and originality wants to achieve in their appearance the modern man. Representatives of some subcultures have brought into fashion the wearing of unusual braids resembling rolled hair. They are called dreadlocks, dreadlocks, lokas. Externally, this hairstyle resembles the head of a lion. Today everyone knows what dreadlocks are. Photos in the article make it clear that they are of different structures, shades and lengths.what is dreadlocks photo

Deep roots

This hairstyle appeared a long time ago, even in the times of mammoths. After all, the natural state of free hair, which does not shear, wash or comb, can be called dreadlocks. What are dreadlocks? Photos of these kind of braids you can see in the article. But how did this name appear - dreadlocks? In the 50s of the 20th century, representatives of one of their Rastafarian cultures in Jamaica invented the name of dreadlocks for fallen curls. This hairstyle just shocked contemporaries. Rastafari, on the other hand, believe that someone who wears such pigtails will be sent courage and strength. And the word "dredloks" means "creepy curls."

Wearing the lock was inherent not only to Africans and Hindus, but also to the ancient Germans, Aztecs, Celts, Pacific peoples. Initially, this hairstyle was created by natural hair felting and fixed with wax. Such dreadlocks could not be untangled, only clipped. Modern technology allows you to make gentle dreadlocks, which are woven.dreadlocks girls photos

Modern role and popularity

Today, many extraordinary people who want to surprise others with an unusual way or an unexpected change of image choose one or another kind of dreadlocks. A lot of varieties have already received a hairstyle with dreadlocks. Photos of the article prove that these artificial mats have learned to put in original hairstyles. The popularity of dreadlocks is growing every year. Colored locks have become very fashionable.

You already have an idea of ​​what dreadlocks are. Photos will give you more insight into modern dreadlocks. To create dreadlocks do not require any curling or chemical treatment, they are dumped in a natural way and give the form of cords. Today they even learned how to make curly locks. Sometimes a wire is inserted inside to maintain their shape.Some prefer thin dreadlocks, while others like large mats.dreadlocks for men

The main types of dreadlocks

The popularity of locks led to the development of many variants of weaving this hairstyle. Most of all, it is suitable for hair that is curly by nature, therefore it is most often chosen by the representatives of the African race. They know exactly what dreadlocks are. Photos of girls and guys with dark skin and locks can be seen in this article. Many perceive dreadlocks as a stylish, outrageous hairstyle, allowing to distinguish themselves in the gray mass. Here are the most common types of dreadlocks:

  1. Dreadlocks from their own strands (natural). They can be worn for up to two years, then stitch or cut. It is advisable to make a correction every two months. This type of dreadlocks is also called dangerous, as it severely damages hair.
  2. Natural Loki with a thin wire (industrial). They are worn for a long time and look unusual. Have a slight inconvenience for sleep.
  3. Safe dreadlocks from kanekalon (de dreadlocks). They are worn on the strands in the form of a stocking. Kanekalon is a synthetic material similar to a sponge. Such dreadlocks are very convenient and do not put hair at risk.Today you can buy lokas from kanekalon in different colors.
  4. Dreadlocks from felt (Nepalese). They are put on strands like covers. They have not quite a natural look, but they are safe and can be removed without problems.
  5. Spiral, or double, locks. One part of such tangles is woven from its own hair, and the other from Kanekalon. Then they intertwine with each other in the form of spirals. Such elastic curls-antennki especially like girls.dreadlocks photo short

Dreadlocks for girls

Dreadlocks themselves form a spectacular hairstyle. The original knots, which are assembled with various rubber bands and hairpins, look great. For girls with dreadlocks Malvinka, gathered at the back of the head, is perfect. Many women of fashion weave a broad braid from their locks or make a ponytail. Photos of girls with dreadlocks talk about their originality.

In specialized stores for dreadlocks, you can buy special rings, jewelry in the form of pendants. Feminine option will be loosely assembled at the back of the node. Also below you can watch photos of short dreadlocks in girls.hairstyle dreadlocks photo

Male dreadlocks

Many people like fashionable and unpretentious male dreadlocks. Photos prove that guys make them on long and short curls. Small flagella on the head have a defiant look and do not make the hair heavy.In order to make loki, men do not need to have long strands. Even owners of short haircuts can build themselves dreadlocks made of artificial materials.

Brutal men combine locks with shaved temples. Professionally made mats look creative, they do not need special care, they make the hair volume. Below you will see a photo of male dreads (short).how do dreadlocks photo

Weaving methods

Execution options for dreadlocks are also called weaving. Many people are interested to know how dreadlocks are made. Photos of the article show that they perform their different methods. Modern dred masters use many ways:

  • hook or string connection;
  • manual weaving without stitches and loops;
  • strong churning of hair in a pile;
  • rubbing with wool mittens without shampoo and wax;
  • natural long-term method of creation by neglect;
  • chemically curled permanent locks;
  • rolling or twisting method for hair of African structure;
  • tearing and twisting with wax;
  • the formation of the locks with a soft brush;
  • weaving locks using rubber bands;
  • interweaving synthetic de dreads;
  • the use of colored felt materials;
  • wrapping dreadlocks with wire;
  • twisting and fixing with rubber bands, fixing with locks cream.what is dreadlocks photo

Lengthening dreadlocks (kanekalon)

We offer one of the methods of weaving to consider in more detail. This is a fairly popular method using synthetic material (kanekalon), which can be bought in a variety of colors, even in the glowing ultraviolet. The advantage of this method is that such false dreadlocks can be removed at any time without damaging your own hair. The structure of kanekalon is a bit like a washcloth. It does not tolerate high temperatures, so you need to exclude drying the strands with a hair dryer and trips to the sauna.

For the procedure of weaving using wax, shampoo, gum and synthetic strands. First, the hair is divided into squares of 2 cm. Each strand is fixed with a rubber band. Then proceed to weaving. Each small strand is divided into three parts, to one of them add kanekalon and braid pigtail. At the end of the locks secure with a rubber band. After that, with a small amount of Kanekalon each caulk is wound along the entire length and fixed with an elastic band. Each dread is waxed.This procedure is done with all the strands.

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