What is fondue?

Today it has become very fashionable to have parties,where guests are invited to try a special, original dish, for example, barbecue, sushi or the same fondue. What is sushi and barbecue, probably everyone knows, but what a fondue looks like, not everyone knows, although the name of this dish has long been heard by everyone.

Fondue - what is it?

Answering the question "What is fondue?"", You can simply say that it is melted cheese, but such a response will not be complete and exhaustive. Fondue is a national Swiss dish, which, besides Switzerland itself, is very popular in the border regions of Italy and France.

It is generally accepted that fondue was invented by the Alpineshepherds, who at summer pastures ate only bread and cheese. Cheese they had in abundance, so the shepherds and invented how to dispose of dried out pieces of different varieties. For a change in their diet, they stacked all the remains of cheese in one bowler and hung a kettle over a fire. The pieces of cheese slowly melted and turned into a single viscous mass. The shepherds sat around the fire, stripped pieces of stale bread on the twigs, dipped the bread in the melted cheese and wrapped the stringy cheese threads on it, and then sent the cheese loaves into their mouths.

Since then, the technology of preparing thischeese fondue little has changed. As before, several types of hard cheese are used for its preparation (according to tradition, cheese is better taken from Swiss, for example, emmental and gruyere), the cheese is heated in a special heat-resistant cheese, best in a ceramic pot (the Swiss call it "kahelon"), here Instead of a fire, an alcohol or gas burner is now used instead of the fire, and the twigs are replaced with elegant long forks.

For brightness of taste in the melted cheese of gourmetsadd crushed garlic, grated nutmeg, mushrooms (sometimes even truffles) and a little famous cherry vodka "Kirsch". In addition, the cheese is now dipped not only bread crustons, but also french fries, olives without pits, boiled shrimps, etc., goodies. In addition to the original cheese fondue, there is also a sweet version of this dish - chocolate fondue.

How to make it, you can learn from our article What can be made from chocolate | Chocolate and strawberry fondue.

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