What is haraam in sharia? Examples of haram. Halal and Haram

As you know, Muslims make up a significant part of the population in several regions of Russia. Despite this, many elements of religious culture remain unclear to followers of other beliefs. Sometimes in their speech you can hear the unknown for people who are not associated with Islam, the concept of "haram." What does this word mean, we will try to find out.

For a start it is worth deciding on another concept - “sharia”. This is a set of rules based on the Quran, which is mandatory for Muslims to carry out. These rules mainly determine the conscience and morality of the followers of Muhammad and to a lesser extent regulate the daily life of a person. Sharia rather establishes general guidelines, which should be followed by Muslim in everyday life, and specifies the behavior of a slightly different system of norms - fikr. In other words, Sharia is a law that is given to people by God and which every true believing Muslim must fulfill.

What is haram

In the system of Sharia, various unacceptable and prohibited actions are called haram.Any of these prohibitions can be proved with the help of authoritative religious sources, primarily the Koran and the Hadith (legends about the words or actions of the Prophet Muhammad, which explain a particular sphere of life activity). Everything that is permitted contributes to the good of man, while the forbidden, respectively, is to his detriment.

Sharia is

Origin of the term

It is sometimes believed that haram is an analogue of the Christian term “sin”, but this is not so, because, for example, there is a mosque called Al-Haram. The word is from Arabic can be translated as "sacred", "forbidden". Related words, meaning roughly the same, are found in Hebrew and in Ethiopian dialect.

haram what is

Prohibitions in food

In this area, the basic terms are “halal” and “haram”. The first word is familiar enough to us, because it can often be seen on the packaging of meat products. And what is haram, we have already learned.

Halal - all that is allowed and allowed. As you can see, this term applies, as well as haram, to all spheres of a person’s life, but most often it is associated with food. Haram’s food is forbidden foods such as blood,meat of unclean animals: pigs, omnivorous and predatory creatures, meat of animals that were slaughtered without praising the name of Allah or died their own death. In addition, you can not eat the meat of sick or pregnant animals. There is a clear and unequivocal indication in the Quran on this entire ban. Also, you can not eat spoiled food.

The equipment on which halal products are produced should not come into contact with unclean meat, otherwise it should be cleaned and thoroughly washed with water three times. I must say that at present there are a large number of cafes, restaurants where they offer legal food, just like meat producers specializing in halal meat. In essence, this food meets the standards of healthy and proper nutrition, and it does not contain various harmful additives. In addition, the ban on such food has other rationales. So, meat of predators can be a carrier of various diseases from those animals by which they ate. Pork is also a carrier of infection.

halal and haram

However, there are rare exceptions: a Muslim may be allowed to eat haram products if he is hungry, and this may cause illness or even death.In such a situation, he can eat some forbidden food until he finds something that is allowed than he can satisfy his hunger.

Third category

In addition to haram and halal, there is a third kind of action - makruh. This is a milder than haram form of prohibition, but actions falling under this category are also severely reproached and punished. Thus, we have found out what haram is - that which is under the categorical ban of Allah. There are two types of makrukh: one of them is closest to sin and is considered as such, and the other is unwanted actions, which are closer to halal.

Types of Haram

It can be of two types. In the first case, these are forbidden actions, which are such in their essence: murder, slander or, for example, theft. In other cases, these are the so-called haram ligiirichi, actions that can eventually lead to sin. For example, one should not look at the naked parts of a woman’s body, since this can lead to adultery, which is considered sinful.

Two varieties

concept of haram

In addition, there is a parallel classification. Haram Zulmi causes harm to people around, except for the person who performs the action (for example, theft).Here one must sincerely repent and receive the forgiveness of those to whom he has in one way or another caused harm. Another type - haram gayri-zulmi harms only the one who does it (eating unauthorized foods). In this case, the person must repent of their deeds and in the future should never step on the forbidden path.

Examples of haram

The most famous forbidden actions are actions that are condemned in other world religions as well, such as murder, theft, usury, adultery, slander, gambling, homosexuality and others.

However, for example, murder may be allowed if it is accompanied by certain circumstances. It will not be haraam if a person was killed who attacked a Muslim for the purpose of killing, or an unfaithful man who was defeated during a jihad - holy war, or if the murderer is a hangman performing his duties. Killing a person who believes in the One Creator, on the contrary, is a very great sin.

forbidden actions

Also haraam in Islam is idolatry, flight from the battlefield, encroachment on the property of an orphan,less significant is eating gold or silver dishes, for women wearing transparent and tight clothes, for men silk and gold, a woman cannot be like a man, and a man, in turn, a woman. Alcohol is strictly prohibited, since its use contributes to the release of defects in a person, depriving him of his mind. The ban on the trade in wine and, in principle, any contact with alcohol also applies. On the one who consumed the wine only one time is punished. Categorically it is impossible to mock people, to hurt them of any nature. Abortions are banned.

examples of haram

Specificity of Haram

It is worth saying that haram can vary somewhat depending on local traditions, but there are no exceptions for it - the list of prohibited actions applies to everyone. A person who rejects him loses the blessing of Allah and goes into the camp of unbelievers. According to the Qur'an and Sunna, there can be a total of about 55 kinds of really serious sins falling under the category of haram.

To prohibit and allow to do something is solely in the prerogative of Allah, therefore, new rules are not created in Islam, and in difficult situations rely only on authoritative books.

When you can break the haram

As in the case of a specific ban on killing or on unauthorized food, there may be exceptions in general. This sharia allows. If circumstances force one to act in such a way that there is no other way out except for haram, and the person turns out to be powerless in the circumstances that force him to act in a certain way, then he may be allowed. But this should be a very extreme situation, and even here a person should not slide into the abyss of sin. In particular, this applies to modern drugs, some of which contain chemicals from the blood and parts of animals, but Muslims often appeal to the fact that healing forbidden by Allah cannot be found.

However, it should be said that good intentions, for the sake of which a person can commit unlawful, are not an excuse for haram. In any case, he remains an action for which he will have to be punished in another world, if not corrected in the earthly world.

Haram in Islam

So, in this article we learned what haram is and what is the position of this term in Islam.

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