What is parliament?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
August 13, 2012
What is parliament?

Today, a frequent person, observing the events taking place in our country and the world, heard about the existence of parliament. But at the same time, only a few can answer the question what is a parliament and what is its purpose. Let's think together.

The first parliament appeared in the 18th century in England, although there was a semblance of parliament in ancient states such as Rome.

Parliament is the highest legislative body in countries with the separation of powers. In many countries, this body is called that. In Russia, the parliament is the Federal Assembly: the Federation Council is the upper house of parliament, and the State Duma is the lower one.

Each region of the country has its own representative in the parliament. This representative is selected by vote. It happens that only one chamber (lower) is an elective in the parliament, but more often than not, voters are given the right to form the parliament completely.

Members of the upper house of parliament are called senators, and the lower - deputies.

As mentioned above, in modern democratic countries, the parliament, first of all, is the legislative body, which means it adopts laws and, to a certain extent, controls and forms the executive branch. For example, the parliament has the right to impeach the president or to express no confidence in the government.

Many people underestimate the importance of the work of parliament and therefore do not go to the polls. We hope that now that you know what parliament is and what its significance is, participation in elections will become an indispensable condition of your life.

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