What is plastic?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
December 19, 2014
What is plastic?

Modern technologies allow to produce materials with different properties. One of the most common materials is plastic (plastic).

Plastic: Definition

What is plastic? Plastic is a name specific to a certain type of polymer (organic material). The basis of the creation of plastics are hydrocarbons, products of unprocessed and crude oil. There are many types of plastic. In general, it is possible to divide it into thermoplastic and solid plastic. At the same time, thermoplastic is a material that, when heated, becomes plastic, and it can be given a certain shape. During cooling, this type of plastic hardens and acquires a given appearance. If this material is reheated, it becomes soft again and something can be done with it again. When molded, hard plastic becomes final and again when heated it does not become a more plastic state.

The word plastic can also be used in another meaning. This refers to the artist, sculptor.This is considered an obsolete concept and is rarely used today. Also, plastic can be called a person who perfectly mastered the art of plastic movements.

Examples of the word plastic.

  1. "Plastic is an excellent material used in everyday life."
  2. "He was a talented plastic (about a sculptor)."

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