What is the main idea of ​​the text and how to define it

Most often in literature classes, but sometimes in Russian there are tasks in which the teacher requires that the students determine the main or main idea of ​​the work.

However, to find the right answer, and accordingly, to get a good grade, the guys must understand what this task is about. That is what is meant by the main idea of ​​the work or its individual proposal.

To understand this issue as carefully as possible, read the article. And you will learn what the main idea of ​​the text is.

what is the main idea of ​​the text

What is the text

Not necessarily the text should be voluminous and consist of several simple, complex or complex sentences. There are even literary works that include only one concise and understandable sentence.

Yes, and it itself is not always a long construction. Often in a speech or in a letter you can meet this kind of it, where all the necessary information will be conveyed by a single word.

Nevertheless, in whatever form a story, poem, or everyday dialogue would be presented, it certainly contains the main idea of ​​the text.

What is the connection of sentences grammatically and in meaning

In most cases, we are confronted with texts that include not one, but a whole group of sentences. The main condition for the compilation of a full-fledged, logical, meaningful and interesting text is the obligatory connection of these sentences grammatically and in meaning:

  1. Grammatical connectionimplies the dependence of the forms of words of the current sentence with those used in the previous and subsequent. That is, the proposals must be coordinated, as if to flow from one another.

  2. Linking sentences by meaningmeans that the entire text is linked by sentences and the main idea (common to the whole text), which can be traced in each of them.

the main idea of ​​the tale

Types of semantic connection of sentences in the text

So, we found out that sentences should be connected grammatically and in meaning. However, the semantic connection must be built correctly and logically. For this it is important to learn the following classification of the relationship of sentences in a text or speech:

  1. Chained- feature of the construction of the text is that each subsequent sentence reveals the content of the current in more detail.For example:Brown bear lives in the forest. The forest is the place where these animals build their lairs, hunt, breed. Bear cubs learn to get their own food from an early age, and the mother bear helps them in this.

  2. Parallel -the nature of this connection is different, it implies equality of sentences (listing, matching, opposing), and not “clinging” one to another.For example:Outside the weather was great, it was snowing. Vaska and I decided to meet and go sledding from the mountain. Only when we barely climbed to the top, and I was already preparing to race to the bottom, my friend got scared. The venture failed, and the mood was spoiled.

Thus, in order to understand what the main idea of ​​the text is, one should delve into the content and make a mental analysis of each sentence.

the main idea of ​​the proposal

Theme and main idea of ​​the text

Additional parts of speech help to organically write sentences into the text. For example, you can use conjunctions, particles, introductory words, pronouns, etc.After all, they give liveliness, brightness and richness of a dry statement of facts.

The correct (in the sense and grammatically) construction of sentences serves to form the main idea and, therefore, the theme of the text.

The theme is the focus of the work, the problem that rises in it, its essence. It determines what the narrative is, the content of the text. Often expressed directly in the title.

The main (main) thought is the author's message to the readers of what he wanted to convey to people, to the world through his work. It can be expressed in the title or in one of the sentences of the text, but more often it is necessary to “fish out” it yourself by carefully reading the entire text.

main idea

Why is it important to be able to extract the main idea from the works

Remember the saying that sounded in the famous work of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin that your parents and grandparents probably read you in childhood? If not, here’s what it is:"The fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it, a good lesson for good fellows!"

Later, this expression became a catch phrase that applies to almost all children's stories described in books. And to many adult works, too.After all, the “lesson” is a combination of the theme and the main idea of ​​any work. That which has a certain educational influence on us.

However, in order to catch this very hint, it is necessary to figure out what the main idea of ​​the tale implies. In other words, learn to independently determine the theme and main thought of the text.

the main idea of ​​the work

How to learn to highlight the main idea

In order to correctly identify the idea of ​​a work, it is necessary to remember the following aspects, which are important to use when reading any text:

  1. Follow the course of the story, developments and logic.

  2. Pay attention to the headings (they can be metaphorical or associative) and keywords that alternate synonyms throughout the text.

  3. As you read, analyze what is important for the author, what points he places a greater emphasis on.

  4. Having determined the main idea or position of the author, find in the text what evidence he gives, what explains his point of view.

  5. After reading the work, try to quote from the text or formulate your own narration.

Remember: understand what the main idea of ​​the text is,the compliance with the above assessment criteria, as well as a combination of synthesis and analysis of both the entire text and its individual details will help.

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