What is the soul of man?

What is the soul of man?

  1. To begin with, the human soul is eternal, and the body is mortal.

    Man is a multidimensional entity. Man in terms of his entire multidimensional structure in the Material World (including his Animal Beginning) is an information wave.
    Man is an energy entity in the general energy field. The Creator created us as energy-informational entities, similar to Him in structure and level of energy fields, in order to use as assistants to manage newly created Universes.

    The soul is synonymous: essence, consciousness, astral plane, mind, monad
    The soul is our personality, our consciousness, which unlike the body does not die.
    The soul (monad) is an energetically living subject, carrying the mind and the energy force (wave field).
    The soul is a clot of thinking energy in the form of a small cloud of diameter from 3 to 15 cm. It consists of invisible finest silver threads. In the center of the cloud is a luminous point. The shower weighs from 34 to 10 grams.
    The soul as a clot of energy is part of the Higher Mind, that is, part of our Heavenly Father. The soul is the individual matrix of the universe with its unique code.
    All souls are energy clots that FEEL each other.
    The personality of man is not the brain, it is his soul. Thoughts are born in the soul and enter the brain as a finished product. The soul consists of REASON, WILL, and EMOTIONS. With the help of the soul, we know ourselves.
    The soul defines our individuality and is the connecting link between the material and spiritual worlds.
    Soul and body are two different concepts. The body is mortal, it is given temporarily for this incarnation.
    The soul is bestowed on man by the Lord (for He is the Creator of all things on earth).

    The body is the mortal shell of an immortal soul. Over the years, the body wears out, weakens, it grows old, it loses its ability to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the external environment, resistance to diseases.
    After the death of the body, the soul enters the Spiritual world and there receives a penalty or reward for how she behaved in this incarnation, being in the Material World and having a body.
    Millennia ago, people already knew that the world is multidimensional, that the perishable physical body is only part of a huge multi-dimensional organism called the Universe.

    The human soul is eternal. The soul in the body is a particle from outside from the Spiritual world, the world of God. That is, the soul does not belong to the Material World, it is from an entirely different world in the world of Eternity.
    God really is the God of human souls, and not of physical bodies.
    Human souls do not reproduce on Earth. They are created by God. Only the bodies multiply.
    In each of us lives the Divine spark, the Holy Spirit, our soul, which belongs to our Heavenly Father, and in the soul, as in the chest, is the Guardian Angel who came with us and for us. He settled into the human body when he first breathed, and He, along with his soul, will leave the physical body when the person makes the last exhalation on this Earth.

    The soul experiences 9 reincarnations and then moves to the next higher level (the World of Reason), which is far beyond the Earth on another planet.
    The body is born and dies, and the soul continues to live. As a man throws off his old clothes and puts on a new one, so the soul puts on a new body, dropping the old and useless.
    There is no resurrection for the soul. She does not die. There is a string of reincarnations - the acquisition of new bodies. That is, the transmigration of souls. It was carved from the Bible by Roman priests back in the 4-th century.
    The human body is incredibly complex, but still a machine. The body soul is like a driver for a car. If the soul leaves this machine, it becomes useless the body dies, turns into a corpse, decomposes ... The soul is eternal, it remains to live. In the soul, all the information about the past, present and future of the person is preserved.

  2. Hihi) Fairy tales))
  3. religiously abstract concept confused to impossibility completely unexplained from the point of view of common sense
  4. The soul of man is an embodied spirit.
  5. The soul is the essence of man, his inner world.
  6. the soul is by nature a spiritual, tiny part of the Lord, an immortal and beautiful soul, an eternal servant full of happiness, bliss and knowledge. present in every living thing
  7. from the Greek "soul" - pneuma, i.e. air, God after all breathed life into man
  8. the sum of the spiritual body and the physical Being 2: 7
  9. The soul is given by God, as a life-giving principle in order to control the body. In other words, the soul is the vital force of man and every living being; The soul is also in animals, but it was produced together with the body by the earth. "And God said, let the living creature produce water to the living fry ... reptiles, and God said:" Let the earth bring forth the living creature ... cattle, creeping things, beasts ... according to their kind: and it was so "(Gen. 1, 20-24). And only about a man it is said that after the creation of his body from the dust of the earth, the Lord God "breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul" (Gen. 2, 7). This "breath of life" is the highest principle in man, that is,
    What is the human soul? In this way

    E. His spirit, which he immensely towers above all other living beings. Therefore, although the human soul is in many respects similar to the soul of animals, but in its highest part it is incomparably superior to the soul of animals, precisely because of its combination with the spirit that is from God. The human soul is, as it were, the link between the body and the spirit, representing itself, as it were, a bridge from the body to the spirit.
    Thus, the soul and body are closely related to each other. The body, with the help of the organs of external senses, gives these or other impressions to the soul, and the soul, depending on it, in one way or another controls the body, guides its activity. 3. SPIRIT. But human life is far from being exhausted by the satisfaction of the above-mentioned needs of the body and soul.
    Body and soul are not the whole person, or rather, they are not a complete person. Above the body and soul is still something higher, namely the spirit, which often acts as a judge and soul and body and gives everything an appreciation from a special, higher point of view. "The Spirit," to speak Eph. Theophan, "as a force from God that has gone forth, knows God, seeks God, and finds peace in Him." By a spiritual inward sense, making sure of his departure from God, he feels his full dependence on Him and recognizes himself obliged in every way to please Him and live only for Him and Him. "

  10. she is an angel, to study in the human body to know the world ..))
  11. This is a small part of the universal energy, where the universal energy is God.
  12. The soul is the highest immortal non-material (spiritual) essence of man, the bearer of the mind, feelings and divine will.
  13. supposedly the energy is pulsating in the person who controls the body, i.e. your whole life depends on it. But e come up with those who believe in God
  14. All the answers say only that combining the concept of ego (consciousness) with the soul will not work, for they flow the answers directly from the ego of his ratings!)))
  15. the man himself
  16. The soul is a person's personality, its components: mind, feelings and will. Through the soul, a person expresses himself in life, knows the world around him.

  17. Soul, a concept expressing historically changed views on the inner world of a person; in religion and idealistic philosophy and psychology, the concept of a special non-material substance, independent of the body
  18. The soul is an anti-material particle, possessing the qualities of eternity, full of knowledge and happiness.

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