What is volumetric weight and how to calculate it correctly

Every adult and every schoolboy knows that everything in the world has a certain mass. According to the SI international system, it is measured in kilograms and other related values ​​(grams, milligrams, centners and tons) using weights. There is also the concept of "volumetric weight", but not everyone knows what it means and for what it stands out separately.

What weight is called bulk

It is well known that things of the same weight can occupy a different volume.volume weight calculation

So, for example, one kilogram of gypsum will be placed in a small box, while at the same time a whole bag will be needed to store one kilogram of padding polyester. And although both materials weigh the same, for transportation of a kilogram of padding polyester will need more space than gypsum with the same mass. Thus, it becomes necessary to determine not only the physical weight of the object or substance, but also its overall or volume weight, as well as the density of the object, that is, how much it occupies in space.Usually objects with lower density (sintepon) have a larger volume than objects with higher density (gypsum).

According to the international standards of transportation, the physical is the weight of the item, if its weight in one cubic meter is 167 kg. If it is less, such weight is volumetric.

What is it for?

Since those very early times, when people learned to transport items over long distances, it became necessary not only to count how many kilograms can fit on a cart, in a truck, ship, plane or even a spacecraft, but also to determine how much space the load will take.volume weightAfter all, for example, the same synthetic winterizer will take up more space than a gypsum with an equal mass. That is why the concept of "volumetric weight" was introduced.

It is most actively used by various transport and courier companies to accurately calculate the cost of delivery of a particular product. It is no less important for people sending / receiving a particular product by mail, because, not knowing how to correctly calculate volumetric weight, they calculate the actual and are as a result disappointed when the cost of services exceeds the one they expected if the departure is large in size but small in weight.

How to calculate it

Most transport companies have long equipped their sites with online calculators, with which customers can calculate the amount of their shipment and find out how much the shipment will cost. However, when calculating the cost of delivery, the employees of the transport company take into account not only the volumetric weight, but also the mass, and invoice the customer for a large amount.

bulk weight

Based on this, many online company calculators are also programmed. So it is best to calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment yourself, especially if you do not have the Internet at hand. To do this, multiply the height of the object by its width and length, and divide the result by 5000. The result will be the volume weight of the object. The divider 5000 is a conventional value, based on the fact that in one cubic meter 200 kilograms. It is worth noting that various transport companies can use a different divider. So, the UK companies involved in transportation, put a factor of 4000.

Bulk cargo weight: examples

Most often, the disparity between bulk and physical weight concerns clothing.

1) It is necessary to transport 150 kg of clothes packed in plastic bags. The volumetric weight of all this cargo will be equal to one cubic meter - 167 kg, and it is this value that will be put down by the sender for payment.

2) The same 150 kg of clothes are laid out in vacuum bags, and therefore occupy a volume of 0.5 cubic meters. That is, the volume of the cargo does not exceed its weight, therefore, its actual physical mass will be paid - 150 kg.

Water weight

It is worth mentioning that the concept of volumetric weight also applies to certain substances, including chemical ones. For example, to water. However, depending on its temperature, composition and pressure, parameters will fluctuate.volume weight of water

Information about the volume weight of water is of great importance in the manufacture of heating systems, various devices, where water is the active substance. In order to find out the volumetric weight of a certain substance, there are specialized reference books and encyclopedias, as well as online calculators that will help to calculate it correctly. But it is worth remembering that to calculate the volumetric weight of a chemical or a material, you only need to use specialized online calculators on certain sites, and in no case applications from transport companies,since their counters are programmed to round up calculations not in favor of the consumer.

Bulk weight is most often encountered by employees of transport and freight companies. In everyday life, this concept is hardly applicable, except in the kitchen, in the absence of kitchen scales. In any case, to have an idea about this value is worth every person.

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