What moms are saying: planning a summer vacation

We didn’t have time to go off the Mayovka, as it’s time to think about summer vacation. After all, the key to a good rest is the proper and timely planning of it.And when it comes to the rest of a child or with a child - a lot of questions arise here. They are discussed by our mothers.

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Which camp to choose for a child

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Mama Mi zavzhdi v_dpochivali in Krimu, she wants to try it out new. Plan the way you want to donku (ditinі 10 rokіv) to the party for the cordon approximately two tyzhnya. Please kudi kraste i in a camp ?????

Mom :Ukrainian Table of Hours Indigo. In цьому році вони у Болгарії + є можливість відпочинку батьків на території разом з дітьми. Axis of the indigocamp.com.ua site

Mom panda:I can advise the wonderful JAMM camp in Koncha Zaspa (next to Kashtan). We were two years in a row, the child is very pleased))). In general, in Jam, they have shifts for children from 12 to 16 years old, but this year they had shifts for the youngest Dzhemik (June).All information can be found on their site jamm.com.ua/jammik/, there and responses of parents and children, a photo. A great team works in the camp, children are not bored!

Mama Zayka39:My docia has been vacationing for the second year with the wonderful Camp Point camp. Their summer camp is held in three shifts in Slovakia on the shores of Lake Shirava. There is a fantastically beautiful place. Children live on two people in the room. The first time we took the risk last summer, when she was 8 years old. Very worried, as it turned out in vain. The whole day the kids are busy, bored and calling mom and dad just did not have time. A lot of master classes, quests, English every day with English guys (Paris became an idol for my little one). And what about the trips to the extinct volcano, to the ruins of the castle ... The most important thing, there is no hazing in the camp, there is simply no such concept there. Older ones support babies, always come to the rescue. About the organizers of a separate story, I have never met such enthusiastic and loving children of young people.

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And moms are interested in how to organize a playground

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Holidays in Turkey with a child

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Mom Lady D:Girls, tell me who flew to Turkey to rest with crumbs. Not yet gathered, but we are considering the option of Turkey. In the Crimea, they found neither a boarding house nor a sanatorium, which he would take with such small children. Very worried with my husband for my daughter, now we are 2 months. (how does the flight and adaptation work?)

Mama TanyaManya:Why do you need it? In Turkey, bad insurance doctors, do you know?

We flew for the first time in 2 years. We had a heavy flight, the child cried, our ears hurt. Waiting for landing is also a pleasure below average. Adaptation as such I do not remember, it means nothing out of the ordinary. But it was hot, very hot (August). That well ... flight back and forth all the rest gobbled up.

Sanatorium Zhovten or Pushcha Ozernaya is the most. There are forest-air, river-pool, playgrounds, diets. food and massage is not Turkish)) Without a change of climate, an unpleasant flight, there is no need to prepare and clean up, your doctor is at hand (20 minutes from Kiev).

Sorry, I honestly do not understand what you did not see there. Maybe tired of the older - so minus the cooking-cleaning + playground. There, in these sanatoriums there is always a lot of small ones, with whom you can play.

Mama yuriewna:Last year, they flew to Turkey with a baby. I liked it very much.In hotels where we were mainly with young children. The smaller the child, the calmer he endures the flight. And if you are breastfeeding, there are no problems at all. During the take-off and landing, give the child a breast and do everything. Take the cub to the clear sea. Enjoy your holiday.

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Moms are still discussingwhat to replace the diaper for the summer

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