What Mors differs from compote: how to determine the difference

Nothing saves in the summer heat like a cool or a glass of cherry compote: an aromatic liquid with a fruity taste and a rich reddish tinge. Have you ever wondered how compote differs from fruit drink? Are there any basic determinants: where is juice, and where is compote? Let's try to figure it out.

What is mors?

A cool drink, ideal in hot weather and made from berries, is called mors. The main condition: fresh berries should not undergo heat treatment, but the water, on the contrary, must be boiled, you can use pulp for a brighter taste. Juice is squeezed out of the berries, and the remaining cake (this is the pulp) is added to boiling water with sweeteners and immediately turned off. Then pour in the previously squeezed berry juice: juice is ready!

What is different from fruit drink?

The best cranberry juice is sour inherent in this healing berry. It is also good for cranberries and raspberries, currants or blackberries, some make cherry juice.Nearby people consider jellyfish jam diluted in water. This is not so, because jam is fruit or berries, cooked for a long time with sugar, that is, the main rule for preparing fruit drink has been violated: berry juice must be raw.

What is compote?

Fruits boiled in sweetened water, sometimes with the addition of berries - this is compote. From fresh berries or frozen, from fruit or a mixture of the first and second. In the compote, a prerequisite is the presence of heat treatment to which the fruit is exposed. Sliced ​​fruits are boiled to readiness in a large amount of water with sugar and are most often discarded - only liquid remains, which is called compote.cranberry juice

It is noteworthy that the word “compote” is French and means “fruit puree”. Over the centuries, the French version was diluted with water, and then the fruit stopped chafing at all - they just chopped. In this form, compote has reached our days.

What is uzvar and how is it different from compote?

Morse is raw natural juice with boiled water, compote is water with fruit boiled in it, and what is uzvar? After all, everyone has heard this word more than once, and more often on Christmas Eve.Uzvar is a compote of dried fruits, in which the pear prevails, but other dried fruits are also acceptable: apples, apricots and cherries.

fresh fruit compote

It is prepared in the same way as a regular compote, with the difference that uzvar is cooked a little longer, so that the dried fruits boil down and give their aroma and taste to boiling water.

What is more useful: juice or compote?

What contains more nutrients and vitamins: raw carrots or boiled? Of course, raw, everyone will answer. This is exactly the same with fruit juice and fruit juice: it is more beneficial that it contains a fresh component. Under the influence of temperatures in the compote, some vitamins are lost, and with them the benefits of the drink. This does not mean that it is useless - on the contrary, it is much better than juice from packages in a supermarket, but if you compare in percentage terms which is more useful, fruit juice or fruit juice, then, of course, fruit juice is in a better position due to its presence natural and freshly made berry juice.

Simple recipes of fruit drinks and fruit compote

In order to make sure on their own experience in the benefits of these drinks, it is recommended to both prepare at home and make sure.

Rinse 200 grams of berries under running water and chop with a blender, squeeze the juice out of the mass, and add 1-1.5 liters of water to the remaining cake, add sugar to taste and boil.Strain the cooled liquid and add to it previously squeezed juice from fresh cranberries, cool in the refrigerator. Perfect refreshment ready!

Fruit drinks are prepared in the same way from other fresh berries: raspberries, currants, lingonberries, etc.

recipes of fruit drinks and compotes

  • Recipe compote of fresh berries.

For the preparation of compote taken any fruit or berries to your taste, you can also use a mixture of different fruits. They are cut into pieces of any size and put into boiling water: an average of 400-500 grams of fruit slices are taken per 2 liters of water. The mass is boiled on average 15-20 minutes until the fruit is fully prepared, at the end sugar is added to taste, some add spices: cloves, cinnamon or vanilla. Then compote is filtered, and can be served at the table: they drink it both hot and cold. Sometimes a piece of fruit is put in a glass for beauty, the kids really like to eat a piece of boiled apple or a cherry after drinking compote.

This drink is prepared from almost all types of fruit, you can make compotes assorted, mixing several types of fruits and berries at a time. They are also rolled into three-liter jars for the winter.When it is not possible to buy fresh fruit in the cold season, such preparations come to the rescue (or Uzvar is cooked from dried fruits).

Is it possible to drink baby?

Some young mothers are worried: is it possible for a child from one year old to give juice drink? If you know how fruit juice differs from compote, then you understand that in the first drink there are several times more nutrients and vitamins necessary for a child, respectively, it will be more correct to give fruit juice to drink. For raising immunity and preventing colds, 100 grams of cranberry juice for a child is just right.

But there is one important condition: the baby should not be allergic to the berry from which the drink is made - skin rash, loose stools and other indicators will show you the right path.

what is more useful than mors or compote

There is another indicator of the difference between fruit drink and compote - it is color. Morse has a more natural bright color of the berry, from which it is made, while the compote is more subdued, diffuse in color due to the heat treatment of the fruit. Therefore, one glance at the drink is enough to determine what is in front of you.

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