What should a wife go to at home?

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- I hate women's lace underwear! Said the married friend sadly. - All kinds of stockings, corsets ...
- Why? - I was surprised.
- Because it is a symbol of extortion. My wife is approaching me in all this ammunition - it means that she conceived something. And God forbid, I will not guess her intentions. Lace lingerie means something like: I want you to pay attention to me. So that you are a sexy Betman right now, and I don’t care that you wanted to sleep a little or go down to the shows. Something like this.
By the way, the same friend in paints painted a neighbor who went to his wife for some spice and left to drink a glass of beer. And this neighbor was in an old dressing gown, which, moreover, had two buttons cut off from below. The neighbor was very embarrassed. And when she sat down and threw her legs, in the head of this man, thousands of devils danced.
At the same time, I have a friend who is confused with a married man. Moreover, the love triangle is so classic that it seems to me that there my wife does not even mind.The wife walks in strict "grandmother's" pantaloons, does not allow excess, raises children.
Mistress beautiful, elegant, in stockings.
- Wife - for home, for life! - explains her lover. - And in you I want to see a woman!
It is obvious that for this unfaithful husband there was a reverse contrast: the wife is the life and grandmother pantaloons, as a symbol of extortion of money and domestic duties, and stockings of the mistress, as a symbol that he does not owe anything.
By the way, for some reason, the man liked to do “male work” with his mistress in the apartment. They didn’t ask him for anything, but he spent all his free time there not even on sex (this was happening to him quickly), but on nailing some shelves there and listening to what good fellow he was and how he saved her.
In short, what I am saying is ... It must be admitted that for many men sexual underwear has ceased to be what it used to be - sexual stimulus. And it became a symbol of an annoying stifling woman who clung to you like a bath sheet to her ass, and requires sexual exploits.
In general, a woman who clung to be very bad. The women hooked on like a burdock are disgusting in both lace lingerie, and old grandma's dressing gown, and in designer dresses. In all of this, they are equally suffocating.
So the question of what the wife should go to at home is he rhetorical.It is clear that it is desirable that these clothes be comfortable, simple and clean. But the most important thing is for the wife to go around the house with a simple and benevolent physiognomy, not to be thought of on minor occasions, and to have something to do besides reading books from the series “How to keep a husband.”

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