What to catch a crucian?

Carp fishing is an interesting and exciting activity. But at the same time, the case is quite complicated, because the crucian has specific features, and only an experienced and cunning fisherman can catch it. To help you in this difficult task, let's see what is best to catch a crucian.

Features of life carp

This type of fish loves the heat and is quite unpretentious in terms of habitat. It can be found everywhere - in ponds, small lakes, marshes. The main conditions of his life are warmth and sufficient purity of water. Usually carp weighs up to 100 grams, and fish weighing up to half a kilo is considered already large. The carp loves smells and food rich in protein, so this should be taken into account when preparing baits.

How to catch a crucian

For catching a crucian on a bait use two types of baits - a vegetable or animal origin. From animal baits best fit - bloodworm, maggots, as well as manure or earthworms. If you do not have these baits at hand, they use water insects that can be found near the fish’s habitat - a small leech, a dragonfly larva, and a strawberry. In some waters, carp can be caught on house flies and small grasshoppers.This is especially true of water bodies, where cattle appears. Cows, knocking flies with a tail, and those getting water, become a completely normal food for crucians, so he gets used to it. If you use a fly as a nozzle, then you should take care of the corresponding weight.

Crucian - extremely capricious fish, very fastidious in terms of food. Therefore it is worth experimenting with baits, choosing the one that brings the result. Fishermen say that the most crucian prefers moldy worm. First of all, because of its color. As the crucian lives in muddy water, he will see the bait of white color faster. Not bad crucian pecks and moth, especially gold.

Some fishermen advise using several types of bait at once. For example, you can use maggots simultaneously with the moth, which will make poklyovki more confident. In addition, maggots can be combined with almost all other attachments. Only experience and patience will tell you what to catch a crucian in a particular reservoir.

Vegetable nozzles

From the baits of plant origin, the bread lump is best suited. For this, a very small piece of rye or white bread must be kneaded in your hand, moistened with water and the nozzle is ready. In addition, you can use gingerbread.They have a specific smell, which attracts a good fish. Since the gingerbread is difficult to make a strong nozzle, you can mix a few crumbs with breadcrumbs.

In some reservoirs, you can use boiled barley. In addition, it is well suited for feeding fish. Perlovka is a very nourishing delicacy for the crucian, so you should not get involved in feeding.

Sometimes fishermen use dough, cooked in advance, while the bait can be combined with an animal nozzle, for example, with moth.

Specificity of fishing

As mentioned earlier, the crucian well recognizes odors. Therefore, when choosing what to catch a crucian should pay attention to this issue. Anise oil is best. It will give the bait a specific smell, as well as cause the appetite of the fish. You can buy this oil in any fishing store. In addition, suitable dried dill, unrefined vegetable oil, and oilcake.

Crucians can get prey, both at the bottom of the reservoir and on the surface. Especially in the daytime, the fish likes to feast on the duckweed growing on the surface. Therefore, the nozzle should be extremely light.

If you catch from a boat, then you should take some sand or white clay from the shore and pour this contents into the water. So at the bottom there is a white spot that will attract the fish.

Many fishermen are wondering what in the fall to catch a crucian. It is worth noting that the rules for catching this fish in the autumn period are the same as in the summer. But there are two features. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the temperature of the bait. Given that the water at this time of the year is cold, then it will not be difficult to warm the same moth. For this purpose, peat, for example, is perfect as a storage place. If you use vegetable attachments, you can warm them with your hands. The second feature - the crucian tries to keep closer to the bottom of the reservoir, so you should take care of the cargo.

Catching a crucian, as you can see, is a rather complicated process. Fans of his fishing note that in the course of one fishing fish may change appetite several times. Therefore, always have several options for bait with you.

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