What to give a guy for the New Year? New Year Gift Ideas

Quite often, with the onset of the first cold weather, girls think about giving a guy for the New Year. This question is not as easy to solve as it seems. Indeed, in the modern world is full of a variety of interesting and memorable ideas for presents. It would be desirable not just to give something, but also a pleasure to please a man. Below we will talk about how to choose the right gifts, as well as give some interesting ideas for a gift to a man or husband. It is not necessary to give what will be presented further. After all, how many people - so many opinions. But with the choice of a present there will be less problems. A few simple (and not so) tips will help to cope with the task.

what to give a guy a new year

What to consider before choosing

What to give a guy for the New Year? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Everyone has their own desires, dreams and interests. Therefore, only he knows what gift he wants.

Nevertheless, women often easily guess the desires of their men. Or they present something that the guy could not even think about. What nuances to pay attention to before choosing a present?

For example, the following aspects:

  • the amount you want to spend on a gift;
  • interests and hobbies of the donee;
  • degree of closeness / relationship;
  • field of human activity;
  • age of gift recipient.

If you do not forget about these features, the girl will be able to very quickly find a nice gift.

We ask friends and family

What to give your favorite guy for the New Year? The best way to get information about what a person wants is dialogue. For example, you can ask the best friend of the guy what gift the man wants. It is best to choose a reliable person who just "will not surrender" the girl and do not let it slip.

In addition, advice on choosing a gift for a man or a boy can be obtained from his relatives and family. Often they know what to present. Next, you have to choose a gift, starting from the information received.

what to give your favorite guy for the new year

Direct question and hints

What to give a guy for the New Year? As we have said, no one knows better than the recipient himself what he needs.Therefore, it is sometimes easier to come up and ask the man directly what gift he would like to receive on the New Year.

Important: it is not necessary to ask the question directly. If you show a little ingenuity, ingenuity and tricks, the girl will be able to find out the information of interest by hints and leading questions.

As soon as the donee will tell you what he wants to get for the New Year, you can simply find the named gift and purchase it.

Hobbies & Interests

What gift to give a guy for the New Year? It is worth paying much attention to his hobbies and interests. Often, it is the person’s enthusiasm that makes one or another gift to be desired.

Lovers of cars, you can give any gadgets for cars (stickers, lights, devices, connected to the cigarette lighter). If a person likes to read, the choice should fall on the books (including audio) of your favorite genre, encyclopedia. Is the guy learning to cook? He might like cookbooks or training courses for cooking. Fans of computers and computer games will suit any toy for PC, computer devices and hardware.

Most guys are kids. And they all love "baby" gifts.Often, many will appreciate the machine or airplane on the radio. Quadcopters are also very popular. True, the bulk of these gifts are not cheap.

It is more difficult with men - it is difficult for them to choose a good gift. Especially if you do not know the interests and hobbies of the donee. Fishing rod, spinning, boat, good camping set, souvenir weapons - all this is perfect for lovers of fishing and hiking. But the gifts listed earlier will also appeal to many adults.

Work and gifts

Of course, thinking about what to give a guy for the New Year, it is important to take into account what the person does (where he works). Modern teenagers are often employed in various fields of activity. And some girls are called guys already adults and wealthy men who just have not received the status of a husband.

Here it is important to bear in mind that the work should bring pleasure to the man. Otherwise, gifts related to the field of activity, only upset.

Here are some interesting and very popular ideas:

  • pen "Parker";
  • leather bag;
  • corporate stationery set.

It is recommended not to emphasize too strongly the career of a person when choosing a gift for him. After all, sometimes people go to work only to earn money, without any real pleasure.


What can you give a guy for the New Year? Now consider the more interesting scenarios.

Some women prefer to give romantic gifts in the New Year. The main thing to know what exactly to give preference.

what to give a guy for the new year cheap

For example, a guy or a man can be presented:

  • spa membership for two;
  • hot air balloon ride;
  • costumes for role-playing games;
  • original bedding set;
  • massage subscription;
  • candlelight dinner;
  • evening at a restaurant (or at home, made by hand).

In fact, this is not an exhaustive list of what you can give your loved one for the New Year. But the listed gifts are in demand. They pleasantly surprise men.

Emotions above all

What to give your favorite guy for the New Year? The modern generation increasingly prefers emotions, rather than material values. This can be used when choosing a New Year's present.

Among the intangible gifts for the New Year for men there are several unusual and exciting options:

  • flight in the wind tunnel;
  • ATV races;
  • riding lessons;
  • acting classes;
  • subscription for cooking lessons;
  • riding session;
  • walk on ostriches;
  • a session in airsoft, paintball;
  • game questroom (suitable for large companies);
  • master-class on shooting weapons;
  • tickets to the concert of your favorite group;
  • holidays in the hotel / hotel;
  • photo session with a professional photographer;
  • tickets to the amusement park.

That is all that brings a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. Almost every girl knows what to give a guy for the New Year, in order to please him with an intangible gift. Even a banal session of a 5D-format movie or playing on simulators like “Oculus” can please a man or a boy.

Do it yourself

Some are interested in what to give a guy for the New Year. Inexpensive and practical, as well as original and interesting - these are the main criteria for selecting gifts. Especially if it is presented by a teenage girl.

It is considered that the main thing is attention.That is, the material value of the presentation is not so important. Therefore, you can give preference to homemade gifts. Usually they are inexpensive, but they look unique.

What to give your favorite guy for the New Year? To create a gift will help the talents of the girl. They can be used to make a unique gift.

what to give the guy for the new year the original

Here are some ideas for a New Year's presentation:

  • own knitted cap, scarf, sweater;
  • tasty and unusual dinner;
  • painted mug or plate;
  • felted slippers or cap;
  • homemade cakes and cakes;
  • original case for phone or tablet;
  • Christmas toys balls with photos;
  • Keychain, made by hand (from beads, for example).

The list presented here is not exhaustive. Here, as it is not difficult to guess, gifts are limited solely to the skills of the girl. Someone sews well, someone gives knitting, others prefer cooking and baking. The main thing is to put the soul in a gift. Hand-made will really please any person.


What to give a guy for the New Year? An original, inexpensive and practical gift is able to find every modern girl.Closer to the holiday weekend in the shops appear various gifts for men and women with a Christmas theme. This can be used.

Some prefer to give and receive useful and practical gifts. These include:

  • covers for gadgets;
  • universal external batteries;
  • Board games;
  • wallet or leather belt;
  • perfume;
  • thermal underwear;
  • certificates (for tuning, car washing, in different shops).

In individual shops you can find original gifts like:

  • coasters for glasses of various shapes;
  • original funny mouse pads;
  • set of glasses / cups of unusual shape.

Perhaps practical gifts enough. Most often, these gifts are considered commonplace. Nevertheless, they are still popular.

Original and only

What to give a guy for the New Year? The original and unique gift that is not made with your own hands, is not difficult to find. In particular, if the girl prepared in advance.that you can give a guy for the new year

Now popular are various souvenirs with prints. You can print a photo or any picture.

What to give a guy for the New Year? Inexpensive and unique - this souvenir products with a print!Say options such as:

  • a mug;
  • Pazz;
  • T-shirt / T-shirt;
  • cap;
  • mouse pad;
  • magnet (or a set of them);
  • magnetic puzzle;
  • umbrella;
  • scarf;
  • pillow;
  • blanket.

Some companies offer large format printing on wood. Such services can not be called budget, but the girl will be able to please with a memorable and durable photograph of her beloved person.

Also, as a souvenir, some people order a print on canvas of a photograph of the donee in an original setting. For example, in the image of Napoleon or Caesar. Fun, original, unique.

Ordinary gifts

What in 16 to give a guy for the New Year? Almost all the gifts listed earlier are perfect for teens. There are plenty to choose from.

Some men prefer simple, one might say, banal gifts. They can also be presented to the beloved. Especially if it is beautiful to pack the presents. For example, in a romantic style.

what to give a guy for the new year list

Among the usual gifts are most often found:

  • certificates to company stores;
  • covers for devices (without prints);
  • perfume;
  • bath and shave kits;
  • set for mustache and beard;
  • a set of socks (can be found in the original packaging);
  • Nike / Lacoste gift sets;
  • Wrist Watch;
  • personal bathrobes and towels;
  • sweet gifts in the original packaging (like "The most beloved man");
  • notebooks.

In fact, everything is easier than it seems. It’s easy to tell what gift to give a guy for the New Year, if you know what the donee is interested in and does. Otherwise, a modern girl will simply become entangled in the abundance of gifts offered.

Gadgets and devices

Technique is one of several win-win categories of gifts. Therefore, if a girl thought about giving a guy for the New Year, the list of previously offered presents can be supplemented with devices.

Most often, win-win (though not always budget) gifts are:

  • telephones;
  • tablets;
  • virtual reality glasses;
  • Smart watch;
  • gaming consoles;
  • gamepads;
  • players

Also referred to the device:

  • USB accessories (such as warming for a cup or gloves);
  • styluses;
  • original alarm clocks (for example, in the form of helicopters);
  • removable hard drive;
  • columns;
  • flash memory

As a rule, the choice of gifts listed is extensive. Small accessories are often distinguished by their originality - you can find a flash drive in the shape of a Christmas tree with the smell of needles, for example.Or a memory card for a PC in the form of Santa Claus.


We found out what to give a guy for the New Year. Photos of several gifts were presented to our attention.

Of course, the presents do not end on the listed options. You can give everything that comes to mind - from clothes to technology. It all depends on the preferences of the recipient.

what to give guy 16 for the new year

As practice shows, the majority of men are happy to presents, which are either entertaining in nature, either memorable or practical. That is, even an adult young man will surely rejoice at the hand-made or some modern gadget. Cars on the radio will also come in handy.

It is advisable to refrain from too banal gifts. Although sometimes even such gifts, originally packed, delight recipients. Now it is easy to find gift sets of socks or handkerchiefs. Such gifts are not very expensive, but they look decent.

In any case, when choosing a gift should take into account the previously listed nuances. And then each girl will be able to quickly decide what to give a guy for the New Year - cheaply or "on a large scale", handmade or ready-made gift.The main thing is to pay attention to your loved one. Read, think and choose that it is better to give a guy for the New Year.

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