What to give your daughter a year?

A crumb in a year already actively exploring the world, but because the child will be wholeheartedly happy with almost any gift. It is desirable to choose not only beautiful and bright, but also useful toys.

Ideas for a gift for a year

Thinking about what to give your daughter for a year, of course, you should focus on the child’s preferences. On the other hand, it is important to offer the baby something new, because she must develop in many different directions. In addition, it is imperative to donate products only from reliable manufacturers who do not use materials harmful to children to manufacture their products.

Educational toy

Always appropriate, and most importantly, a very useful gift for any occasion. The first birthday is a reason to buy something more expensive, interesting and productive in terms of the learning effect. Children at this age, as a rule, very well perceive various musical toys with bright large details. For example, you can buy a music unit with holes for cubes of different shapes, balls - they are well developed motor skills. Also suitable, for example, is a herringbone pyramid, which after assembly begins to sparkle.Also a nice talking or even singing “pet” will be good. For example, it can be a pretty cat with a built-in playback device - the animal sings funny songs and dances very funny to them.

Bathroom accessories

To make bathing a real holiday for your daughter, buy her cute inflatable toys and colorful balls, sleeves. You can also donate special toys on suckers that the baby with your help will be able to seat on the bathroom walls. If the crumb willingly draws, then she will surely like pencils made from natural colored soap, which can be used to paint tiles, bathroom surfaces. Traces after this are very easy to remove with plain water. You can also buy a toy shower attached to the bath - let your daughter bathe her dolls while you bathe her.

Sleeping accessories

A good idea would be a new bed linen. You can choose a more expensive version with laces and embroidery, as well as a budget, but still very nice. You can also update the design of the bed at the same time - buy new soft protective bumpers (bumper), make a canopy, purchase an original night light, etc.


The first birthday is an excellent occasion to buy an elegant ball gown, a stylish and functional jumpsuit or, for example, a bright set with a T-shirt and shorts for an young fashionista. Beautiful and high-quality outfit from the company store will be very expensive, but the baby will look like a little princess. True, such a gift is not very practical, since the child will quickly grow out of it.

Products for creativity

Most of the children respond well to various games with drawing and modeling. Therefore, finger paints, clay, crayons and a drawing board will be very useful for a birthday. Just choose special products for the smallest - keep in mind that the child may want to know whether the pencils are really different in color and taste. If you are afraid of stains, then buy a set of a special rug and a "water" pencil.

Dolls, soft toys.

Another always relevant option is gifts, the price range of which is very diverse. You can choose as the most simple doll like those of Soviet children, or a more modern, talking.Just give preference to models with large parts that cannot be choked. Pay attention to the hair of “Lyalka” - it is desirable that they be of high quality, otherwise they will hopelessly tangle after the first game.


Kids always want to have their own corner in which to hide from the eyes of adults. Give them the opportunity to buy a tent. Just choose a model with "windows" - you still need to somehow control the child.

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