What women in men of different countries appreciate in women

7-12-2017, 11:09
The topic of tastes and preferences is very slippery, and there will always be people who will challenge any statement. And even more so about what women who like.
However, there are some similarities related to mentality, culture, traditions or history. We decided to find out what they are - young ladies of different countries and for what qualities men are ready to part with bachelor life for the sake of family?

In future wives, they value above all such qualities as courtesy, docility, modesty, honesty, undemandingness, loyalty. A calm Japanese woman will not “carry out the brain” during a quarrel, change or scold her husband for shortcomings.
She will be expected to give birth to children, wait in the evenings for a dissolute spouse and be silent, not daring to show emotion. Since childhood, she learned this lesson from her mother.
It seems that for many hundreds of years of submission to men, Japanese women have developed an immunity to strong feelings and genetic obedience.

In the heat it is difficult to hide figure flaws under clothes from men's eyes. Therefore, in a fashion toned athletic women with wide hips, pumped up buttocks and small breasts. Despite poverty, this country leads in the number of implants in the chest and pope. Street simulators in Brazil can be found even at the bus stop.
And another interesting fact: the Brazilian may not be made up, not very nicely dressed, but well-groomed nails are sacred.
To start a family here is not in a hurry, children begin to plan after 30.

Indisputable rule in Algeria: a man is always right. A wife must have a lot of tact and patience, be compliant, non-conflicting, and get along with a large relative of her husband. And what is also very important is to be religious and chaste before marriage. Woman - the keeper of the family hearth.
And yes, forget about diets, lean chicken is not here in honor.

Enter any house where a woman lives, go to the farthest room, slide your finger across the horizontal surface in the corner - you can lick it safely, it is clean. Turkish women are big cleaners.
Men value their wives not at all for beauty and sexuality, but as a mother, mistress, friend, comrade in life.The wives of their husbands obey, do not dare to speak too freely and loudly, behave chastely. At the same time, Turkish women never sit at home. Many work, lead active lives, constantly meet with friends, go to courses. And as soon as they manage to combine everything?

For years, a woman in Germany was officially forbidden to work. And if she lost her husband, it remained only for pennies to secretly work at night.
The modern German woman is a careerist. For her, there is nothing worse than depending on her husband. Career is her main meaning of life. And not at all family and children. A woman over 40 is the usual age for marriage. And although some men still miss the feminine and homely girls, most already like this independence.
The family is first of all the person with whom it is good. And household duties and income - in half. The Germans love educated women who can support any conversation, with a sense of humor, sociable, sincere.

Despite the rapid progress of the economy, China is still a traditional country. Men like the meek and obedient girls who know how to maintain a balance between self-love and obedience to her husband, are aimed at the family, they know how to appreciate the merits of the husband.
However, now men are welcome to any wife, because due to the law in China from 1979 to 2015, according to which there can be only one child in a family, 34 million men aged about 30 are at risk of becoming bachelors.

From birth, children in India are being prepared for the wedding as the main event in life, the purpose of which is childbearing. The authorities fear that by 2028 the country will catch up with China in terms of population. Therefore, on the roads and streets, you can see posters, where mom, dad, girl and boy are painted - “that's my whole family.”
Hindus love women "in the body", family, caring, restrained, modest, who will obey the mother-in-law, because they all live in a big family. Preferably from your caste. Those who are able to earn try to do any business, so they are looking for an economic and smart wife.

Since childhood, mothers have been pampering and praising their sons, so for the most part men are proud narcissists. The wife should complement the Italian, and not overshadow his mind or beauty. That is to be of medium build, self-sufficient, well-groomed, but in moderation.
A girl should be a sweetheart, eyes down, often clap her eyelashes, laugh gently, throw a tear at the sight of a broken twig and make a touching look at the sight of children - Italian men adore this theater.

The Greeks are ardent and spontaneous people, living in the present moment and enjoying it 100%. Greek needs only sincere feelings, vitality, sociability, confirmation in the eyes of a woman that he is king. And a good dowry in the form of an apartment.
Men usually get married after 40 years, when the cup of passion is used up and it's time to think about the family. Absolutely normal in 35 years to declare that he is not yet ready for a serious relationship.

Manners, charm and grace are what men love in their ladies. The ability to take a glass, serve a dish, take a pose for a photo - any trifles. Dress expensive, stylish and sexy, even after 5 years of marriage.
All this is a myth that is maintained about French women in Paris in the expensive quarter of Saint-Germain. But go beyond it and you will see the most ordinary women, as elsewhere. What really distinguishes a Frenchwoman is an easy attitude to life. They also do not straighten or curl their hair, do not lengthen eyelashes, do not pull themselves up or wow anything - they are natural.
It is noteworthy that French men only like French women: bright eyes, dark hair, and a swarthy oval face - this is the ideal.

Yemeni girls start getting married at 14-16 years of age. The husband is usually significantly older than her: 25–40 years old, because he should be able to pay the ransom and provide for his wife and children. It is good that the girl should study as little as possible at the institute schools, because no one needs an academician wife. Her role is home and family.
Young people have no right to get acquainted and even see each other before marriage, everything is decided by the relatives of the wife.

Marriages and cohabitation in Bulgaria are equally valid. The main thing is that of friendship and love. The man was and is the breadwinner and head of the family.
Most women, even giving birth, have slim, graceful figures. Many people take care of themselves, although this is more likely a necessity, because they are mixed with Turkic and Slavic blood, and therefore depilation is very common.
Bulgarians love each other for patience, good nature, simplicity, for the love of their own and other people's children, for the ability to enjoy little joys and not to hurry anywhere.

In some countries, very unusual ideas about the qualities of the future wife. In Polynesia, a Maori tribe can marry a woman, provided she already has two children.However, on the Islands of Free Love, this is not particularly difficult. On the contrary, our monogamous ideas of love seem strange to them.
And although before the wedding, young people have complete freedom in the relationship, marriage is considered a serious matter, not personal. Therefore, the spouse is often chosen by the decision of the tribe.

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