When do I need to repair the ventilation system?

Broken ventilation in an apartment building or officeleads to a multitude of difficulties. Because of this, the state of health worsens, and malaise occurs. But when the equipment does not work within the industrial facility, then more serious consequences are likely. Many processes are associated with the formation of vapors, toxic components, dust, which must be disposed of. Repair of the ventilation system can eliminate shortcomings.

Causes of system failure

The ventilation system is considered one of the important. It should be in every building with a destination. The simplest in maintenance is the natural ventilation of residential buildings. In industrial facilities there are mechanical supply and exhaust systems.

repair of ventilation system

The equipment fails for the following reasons:

  • violation of installation;
  • misuse;
  • wear mechanisms;
  • failure to perform maintenance;
  • mechanical effects.

The type of malfunction depends on the operating conditionssystem. For example, supply and exhaust systems, located near busy highways, quickly clogged. Natural ventilation of houses also requires repair and cleaning. Often people partially install ventilating boxes, because of which there is a violation of air movement. In this case, repair of the ventilation system is required.

Signs of work disruption

Repair and maintenance of ventilation systems is required when:

  • fogging of windows;
  • mold in the corners;
  • flow of odors from one room to another.

repair and maintenance of ventilation systems

Repair work is also required due to the difficulty of breathing people, asthmatic phenomena. In such a room, a person often gets cold, there are pains in the back, joints.

Stages of repair

Repair of the ventilation system involves the following stages:

  1. Diagnosis and removal of defects in the operation of the equipment is performed.
  2. Prevention, which is required for the normal functioning of systems. It includes cleaning, troubleshooting, testing.

Maintenance requiresdebugging and prevention of mechanisms that ensure uninterrupted operation of ventilation. This work is required regularly. Repair and maintenance is carried out in stages. First, the master examines the condition of the equipment, and then they are cleansed and disinfected. At the end, the quality of the repair is determined and the document is provided.

Usually, ventilation system repairs are performed withoutdismantling. But in difficult cases, the equipment is removed, transported to the workshop, and then installed. In this work, the following services are provided:

  • check the connections channels, fasteners, integrity;
  • mechanical parts are cleaned, filters are cleaned;
  • automatic control systems are tested;
  • the wiring is inspected;
  • the functioning of the dampers is checked;
  • fans are cleaned;
  • heaters and heat exchangers are repaired;
  • the heat exchanger is checked;
  • the defective parts are replaced.

Supply and exhaust systems use air heatersfor heating the air to the desired temperature level. This device is water, fire or steam. In some, glycol solutions are used. Washing the air heater is considered an important way to repair it. The device is disassembled, cleaned of microbes and scale by chemical means. It is often necessary to replace the heater.

How often should I perform repairs?ventilation and air conditioning systems? It all depends on the type of ventilation, the specifics of the building. Usually, masters cause at first signs of breakage. And prevention will prevent many unpleasant consequences of breakdowns.

repair of ventilation and air conditioning systems


Before major overhaul of ventilation is carried out diagnostics:

  1. The system view is set.
  2. The state is evaluated.
  3. The difference in pressure and temperature in the building and on the street is determined.
  4. The air speed in the ventilation is set.
  5. The state of the gratings is evaluated.
  6. The functioning of automatic systems is checked.
  7. The condition of the fans is investigated.
  8. Evaluation of the emergency shutdown.

For diagnostics, special devices are required. The event is mandatory before operation, before repair and during maintenance. Based on the information received, conclusions are drawn about the malfunction.

Maintenance of automatic systems

With the construction of modern homes, more and more application of supply and exhaust systems with automatic control. The user sets the necessary parameters or sets the operating mode.

System configuration must be performed onlymaster. Adjustment of automation is included in the list of services for maintenance and repair of ventilation. As a result, the room will have a normal temperature, humidity and air speed.

repair and installation of ventilation systems

Cost of repair and installation of ventilation systemis determined by the estimate. The list of services that the company offers is different. The price depends on the type, capacity, branching network, number and type of equipment. If you plan to perform repair or maintenance of ventilation, you should familiarize yourself with the proposals of several companies, pay special attention to the skills of the master, equipment, tools.

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