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Every year travels to Egypt are becoming more popular. Every year, many guests from around the world attract the subtropical climate of the Mediterranean coast. Egypt is a country with a hot sun, so the holiday season here lasts all year round. Dry summers and rather mild, wet winters await tourists near the Red Sea. The situation is drastically changing when moving inland from the sea coast. Tourists from all over the world, planning a trip to this country, want to find out when to rest in Egypt. After all, knowing this, you can successfully spend a weekend or vacation.

when is it better to rest in egypt

Features of the country's climate

In order to find out when it is better to rest in Egypt, let's look at the climate features that characterize this country. During the day, in the desert, the air temperature can reach +35 ° C, and at night it can drop sharply right up to -2 ° C, which creates strong fluctuations in daily temperature. Two types of season are inherent in the climate of this country.High lasts from mid-April to late October. At this time there is a high air temperature. The second season is moderate, which begins in October and ends in late March.

June is one of the hottest months. The average daily temperature, depending on where the resort is located, can approach at this time to the level of + 35-38 ° С.

Winter months

Egypt in August

The coldest month is Egypt in January. During this period, the air warms up to +15 ° C. In Egypt, a very warm winter. If you are planning to choose a budget travel option here, you can use tours starting from January. Of course, there will be no hot sun, but this factor can even be a significant plus, since the air temperature and weather conditions will facilitate sightseeing and visiting sightseeing sites.

During this period, the air generally warms up to +25 ° C during the daytime, and in the evening and at night the thermometer drops to +15 ° C. This is a great temperature, suitable to enjoy the color of Egypt, relax and get a bronze tan. Since February, prices for tours are growing.Already in early May, there is a stir in all Egyptian resorts - the high season opens.

If you plan to visit this country in winter, you should choose a resort located on the shores of the Red Sea. The average daily temperature here is + 23-25 ​​° С.

Features of summer in Egypt

Many ask the question: "Is it dangerous to rest in Egypt in the summer?" Indeed, in the summer there is very hot. However, subject to security measures, you can have a great vacation during these months. Winds are salvation from the heat. On a hot, hot day, they create a feeling of coolness. Blowing year round, they are a climatic feature of the country. At the seaside a constant wind does not reduce solar radiation. Deserted hot wind called "Hasmin." On the local plains, it dominates from March to early June, brings with it a rise in temperature and sand. Atmospheric pressure after hasmin decreases, and the temperature increases by 12-15 ° C.

Rains in egypt

On the territory of the country rains are very rare. They may not be whole years in some desert areas. In the Nile Delta, as well as off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, precipitation is most often observed.Therefore, the ideal time to visit Cairo is September or May, because the weather is cloudy from late November to late April.

What month to choose?

Egypt in October

In order to correctly decide when to rest in Egypt, it is necessary to consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each month. There are periods when to rest as comfortably as possible, and there are those when it is best to travel along numerous tourist routes. We suggest you consider each month, a brief description of which will help you decide.


Egypt in January is very attractive due to low prices for tours. Water warms up to +22 ° С. Cloudy days are, but you can sunbathe and swim. Egypt is visited in January not so many tourists, which is for many a big plus. For a very reasonable fee, you can choose a comfortable hotel that suits you.


The cost of housing has already started to increase slightly. The sea in Egypt at this time is cold. Many Muslims in February come to this country for pilgrimage, after which they stay to rest in the local resorts. This is the most severe month for rest.The temperature can fall sharply in the daytime from +24 to +17 ° C, there is wind and strong waves. The water in the sea due to the wind often becomes cloudy. But you can sunbathe at this time as you like. However, for swimming, many decide to use the pool. The beach day at this time is short, it becomes significantly colder after 16 hours, and it gets dark after 18. It is cool in the evenings, so you will need a light jacket.

In Sharm el-Sheikh is the warmest. The microclimate is softer here, and the mountains surround the bay from all sides, therefore it is not so windy here. In winter, the average temperatures in the resorts located in the Gulf of Aqaba (Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab) are slightly higher than in Hurghada, which is popular among tourists.


Egypt in January

Every day the cost of housing increases, the air warms up. The sea in Egypt is still not warm enough for many. In March, begins Khamsin time. At this time strong winds blow, which bring sand from the desert. A changeable and unpredictable weather is established. In March it is very difficult to predict whether the rest will be comfortable: it can be warm, and maybe because of the winds it gets too cold.


At this time, hot weather sets in, the daytime air temperature is approaching the +32 ° C mark.It is already possible to swim in the sea. Hotels are filled with tourists, and housing prices are rising.


Egypt in July

A lot of guests come to Egypt for the May holidays. The weather is great at this time, and the sea water is warm and clean. It is necessary to book hotel rooms in advance due to increased demand.


The peak point at this time reaches the heat. Significantly decreases the demand for tours at this time. Very attractive prices are waiting for tourists at the end of June.


Egypt is visited by many tourists in July, which, however, does not indicate that this is the best time to travel to this country. The fact is that traditionally this month is a vacation period. Egypt in July marked the setting of very intense heat. It is forbidden to be under the sun in the period from 11 to 15 hours. However, despite this, all hotels are filled with tourists.


A lot of holidaymakers come to Egypt in August for a long time, since this is a period of summer holidays. In this country, it is still hot, so it is recommended to refrain from visiting excursions whenever possible. Because of this, Egypt in August for tourists may be less attractive.

September and October

These are probably the most successful months for a trip to this exotic country. Egypt in October and September will delight you with perfectly warmed water, and the air temperature is comfortable for relaxation. Demand among tourists at the beginning of autumn falls a little and you can buy a ticket at a bargain price. The winds are practically absent during this period, and accommodation prices are reasonable, and this is another argument in favor of the fact that it is best to visit Egypt in October or September.

The sea at this time warms up to 26-27 ° С, and at night the air temperature is 20-22 ° С. Also, no mosquitoes! The greatest demand at this time are the family hotels of Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt). Hurghada, the prices for accommodation in which are about the same, also attracts young visitors. Many vacationers in late October - November come here with children during the autumn holidays of schoolchildren.


Set the beautiful weather. This month, many tourists with children. As a rule, in the evenings a cool wind begins to be felt.


Is it dangerous to rest in Egypt?

Very few tourists at this time. Hotels remain practically empty, and prices are low. Still not cold water in the sea. The air temperature is about 25 ° C.Prices for the New Year are rising again, and therefore you need to book a tour in advance.

When to go to Egypt with a child?

What time is the best time to relax in Egypt with children? Opinions differ somewhat on this point. If the child loves the sun and is comfortable under it, you can even choose August. However, we should not forget to use sunscreens and lotions and remember that a headdress can protect you from direct sunlight. And to save themselves from them is, because they can cause sunstroke (heliosis).

Many experienced tourists say that the best time for a holiday with children in Egypt is May. The weather here is set to just wonderful: the suffocating heat is not there yet, but the water in the sea is already well warmed up. In addition, the daytime increases as the sun begins to set too late: you can stay longer on the sandy shore. And in the evening calm atmosphere prevails, cold sand winds no longer blow. During this period, you can combine excursions and beach-sea holiday.

sea ​​in egypt

Interesting facts to consider when choosing a tour to Egypt

In winter, the warmest and windiest place is Naama Bay, located in Sharm el-Sheikh.

On the New Year, Christmas and May holidays set the highest prices for travel packages. After December 20, Egyptian hotels are beginning to be filled by travelers from Russia and Europe on the eve of holidays: first Christmas for Catholics, then New Year and Orthodox Christmas. However, the highest demand tours are in the first decade of January, that is, immediately after the New Year. Prices during this period soar upward, and it will be difficult to go to the sea without prior reservation. Experienced travelers prefer to book tours for this period in September-October. A similar situation is observed in Egypt and in the first decade of May. At this time, the holidays are not only in our country, but also in the Arab world, and there is a large influx of Arabs. Therefore, it is better to book a ticket in a few months.

Rides from the twentieth of the month cost less than the first. This is due to the fact that the majority of holidaymakers take a vacation from the first numbers.

Summing up

Of course, it's up to you to decide when to rest in Egypt. However, it is safe to say, based on the foregoing, that resorts in this country can receive tourists all year round.The heat is easier in the summer due to the fact that the climate in Egypt is dry, and in winter you can also sunbathe on the beach. However, no one can predict with certainty what the weather will be at a certain time this year. Nature sometimes presents both pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

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