When is the holiday Migration?

The holiday The Movement, or the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord, is one of the twelve important Orthodox holidays. He began to celebrate only three centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus. In those days, an expedition was sent, its purpose was to find the cross on which the Savior was crucified. The expedition was headed by Queen Elena. After a long search, she managed to find the shrine and return it to the Orthodox people. In honor of this event, on September 27, they began to celebrate the Movement, which became one of the most revered Christians holidays.

Holiday Movement

history of the holiday

Emperor Constantine the Great was the first of the kings to stop persecuting Christians. He won in three wars over the enemies. The sign of God appeared in heaven - the Cross. It had the inscription "Sim Pobedi". After this, Constantine decides to find the Cross on which Christ was crucified.

Searches were not easy. Roman pagans tried to destroy all references to the holy places where Christ was crucified and resurrected. Emperor Adrian covered the Holy Sepulcher and Calvary with earth.On the resulting hill, he established the temple of the goddess Venus and the statue of Jupiter.

However, this did not stop the search. As a result of the excavations in 326, the Holy Sepulcher was found, and not far from it - three crosses. According to one of the legends, the true Cross was found by applying to the sick person alternately all three crucifixes. After the next cross was applied, the patient was healed.

There is another legend that speaks of the resurrection of the deceased, who was carried along the street for burial. After coming in contact with the Cross, a man was resurrected.

Holiday Movement is based on another important event - the return from the Persian lands. King Khozroy in the seventh century captured Jerusalem. There he plundered the temple of the Resurrection. All treasures and shrines were removed from it. In 628, King Heraclius, after the victory over the Persians, discovered the Cross and brought it to Jerusalem, where its re-erection took place on September 14.

Holiday Movement of what

When holiday

What is the date of the holiday in the new calendar? The holiday is celebrated on September 27. From this period, autumn begins to transfer rights to winter. When the church festival of the Movement passes, frosts will set in.It will be still warm during the day, and in the mornings and evenings, people will begin to dress warmer.

Holiday features

From other Christian holidays Movement differs joy. On this day, the Cross, on which Christ was crucified, returned many years later. He symbolizes the memory of all mankind about the terrible suffering that he had to endure, remaining faithful to his Father until the last moments of his life.

Holiday Migration - a symbol of tribute to Christ, a symbol of faith. Not sparing himself, at the cost of his own life, Christ atoned for the sins of all the people of the planet.

Holiday Moving what number

It is believed that the Cross has great power. He is able to heal from various ailments, protects against evil forces. It helps to find hope, love, humility in the heart, and also to assess the attitude towards living people.

Every person has a purpose in life: there are obstacles, passing through which people find their place in life. Each carries its own burden, and often it seems overwhelming, unfair.

If we imagine how strong Christ was and what torments he endured, then everyday life is understood more clearly, and difficult problems seem completely solvable.

For the Orthodox holiday, the Movements are prepared in advance: they read prayers, go to church services. The main icon, which is prayed on this day, is the icon “Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord”. It shows the place where Queen Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, found the Cross. This icon helps to get rid of diseases.

Holiday Snake Shift


Religious traditions were always strictly revered, there were various signs that were revered by all Christians.

  • On the holiday of the Movement in the church they bought three candles and carried them home. These candles baptized the corners of the house. It is believed that this protects the house and its inhabitants from evil forces, bad eyes.
  • On the door of the house put crosses to protect property.
  • It is believed that you can not do on the holiday of the Shift no work. To this day, the peasants finished all the earthworks: they were preparing for arable land.
  • It is believed that on this day you need to woo the bride. She should read a special prayer in which she would ask for a happy family life, support and mutual understanding. If the bad weather falls on September 27, then it is customary to visit, and on a sunny and rainy day they organize mass celebrations.
  • On Sdvizhki necessarily observe a strict post.On this day you can not eat food of animal origin, fish. But everything that is grown on the ground is welcome. Earlier this day they cooked dishes from cabbage, lentils, baked pies, made dumplings, made amazing cabbage casseroles, cabbage rolls with mushrooms.
  • If you give alms on a holiday, you can atone for your sins, cleanse yourself from evil thoughts.

The elders saw how after the celebration of the Exaltation the warm days were gone. From that moment on, morning and evening became cold, and only during the day it was still possible to bask in the rays of the warm sun.

Church holiday Movement when

In order not to sin

On the holiday of the Movement of which only the feasts were not arranged: both weddings, and mass celebrations, a feast of the harvest! But most importantly:

  • You can not take on a new business. If such a start, it will be disastrous and will end in failure, conflict.
  • It is forbidden to raise your voice, swear.
  • Under the prohibition of needlework.
  • It is forbidden to open windows, doors, otherwise snakes may climb on them to hibernate. It is believed that on the holiday of the Moving Snake go into hibernation, looking for a cushy place.

You can not walk in the woods on the slide. It is believed that the one who goes there will be gone.


Signs of the Movement:

  • On this day, the last birds fly away for the winter.
  • If you do not fast on the day of the Movement, seven sins will be comprehended.
  • Autumn is moving faster in winter.
  • On the House move rid of evil.

September 27, you need to follow the geese. If they fly high, there will be a strong flood in the spring. If on the day of the Movement a cold wind blows - the summer will come warm.


The current version of the icon received in the fifteenth century. The image is a crowded scene, behind which is the temple. In the center there is a partiarch holding a cross above his head. It is decorated with twigs of plants.

Moving a holiday what not to do

In the foreground of the icon are the saints, singers and people who came to worship the shrine. On the right are King Constantine and his mother, the great Helen. Sometimes images are depicted that helped to reveal the real Cross of the three found: the dead man, who was resurrected from the touch of the shrine, a sick person who was cured of his illness.

Image options icons set. Earlier options depict Helen and Constantine holding the Cross or standing on either side of it. There are versions where the king and queen are depicted on both sides of the patriarch holding the cross. Later this version was supplemented with the image of Tsar Alexei and Queen Eudoxia.This option is becoming the most common.

The icon “The Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord” tells about finding Elena, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine, a shrine. After the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Christ, the instrument of torture was lost. It was succeeded to find him after centuries to the tsarina Elena. This is displayed on the icon.

Orthodox holiday Migration

The icon “Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord” is able to heal from any ailments. If you sincerely pray to the Cross, then any ailment will recede. The image helps to heal from infertility, cure bones and joints, get rid of migraines, toothaches, as well as get rid of various incurable diseases.

In honor of the holiday

Emperor Constantine in Jerusalem built a temple dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ. It was built ten years. On September 26, 335, the church was consecrated, and the next day, September 27, they established a celebration in honor of the Exaltation of the Cross.

Moving is a great celebration. On this day, the snakes go to sleep, and people should celebrate, rejoice. There is a belief that if on this day a snake bites a person, it will die in the winter.

On this day, it is also interesting that during the divine service the Gospel is read not in the middle of the temple, but in the altar.

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