Where is the Rockefeller Center?

The largest is famous for its high-rise buildings, which radically changed its appearance. Modern New York can not be imagined without the skyscrapers that have become the hallmark of the metropolis. Surprising the human imagination with its scale, they are able to withstand a huge load. These giants are best viewed from afar, and then you can fully see the majestic high-rises - the basis of modern architecture of the city of world importance.

Business and entertainment center

One of the largest construction projects ever implemented in the world is located in the Midtown (Manhattan) area and consists of 19 commercial buildings. Rockefeller Center, which includes office space, restaurants, observation platforms, shopping centers, cinemas, green parks, is considered a must-see place.rockefeller center manhattan

The history of the complex

In the 30s of the last century, the famous philanthropist and millionaire John Rockefeller Jr., who rented land from the city, decided to build a unique complex where he could not only work, but also relax in comfort.The task set has seriously complicated the economic crisis that occurred in 1929, but tough commitments forced the American oilman to start building the promised center.

Large-scale construction was the salvation for tens of thousands of Americans who lost their jobs during the Great Depression. The successful implementation of the project, the cost of which was estimated at a quarter of a billion dollars, inspired optimism throughout the country in such a difficult period.

Unusual architectural ensemble

Initially, the 70-story central building was surrounded by fourteen high-rise buildings, and the rest appeared forty years later. The Rockefeller Center skyscrapers are a single architectural ensemble, very different from what was built earlier. All buildings are extremely thin and tall, and the protrusions give them an abstract look. The complex, similar to an unusual sculpture, all high-rise buildings of which are interconnected by galleries and transitions, became the first metropolis building where office premises are combined with shopping and entertainment facilities.New York Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center (New York), which has earned the nickname “plate” for being very narrow on one side, like a blade, and wide on the other, is the most famous in the city.Now the complex, consisting of 19 skyscrapers, which were mothballed during the Second World War, occupies several blocks, and its total area is approximately seven hectares. Seventeen years ago, it was sold for nearly two billion dollars to a group of American investors led by a close friend of the creator of the center.

Working PR moves

John did not want the architectural ensemble to bear his name, but the millionaire assistant in charge of public relations insisted on this. He correctly calculated that such a move would attract the attention of the magnates, and many businessmen would want to place their offices in the Rockefeller Center skyscrapers. Patron invented how to attract European investors, and called the high-rise in honor of France and England. When one of his building assistants offered to lease to investors from Germany and call it "German House", Rockefeller, who did not want to tarnish his reputation by working with a country that started the war, categorically refused this idea.

The history associated with the frescoes

Those entering the building see colored frescoes on the ceiling, with which a curious story is connected.Famous masters were invited to paint the walls of the center, but many of them did not want to cooperate, and only the Mexican painter D. Rivera expressed his consent. The artist, famous for his left-wing views, often visited the Soviet Union, stood on Red Square next to Stalin, and admired the November holidays, which were visited by millions of workers with red banners.skyscrapers of rockefeller center

Diego decorated the Rockefeller Center with images of Lenin and marching workers near the walls of the Kremlin. When the millionaire saw the frescoes, he removed the Mexican, paying him the due fee. Four years later, the Spanish painter José Maria Sert painted a monumental picture over the mural, replacing the Bolshevik leader with Gandhi and Lincoln.

Manhattan Business Card

About 100 million people pass through the Rockefeller Center, which has become an important part of the city. It is full of life even after all workers go home in the evening. The peculiar city in the city includes a complete infrastructure not only for work but also for rest. The National Historic Landmark, located in central Manhattan, is its hallmark. rockefeller center photo

Of course, not only the giant scale of the complex attract tourists. The Rockefeller Center, whose photos all guests of New York must remember, is decorated with mosaics, frescoes, sculptures, and it can be called a real museum.

Sights in Rockefeller Center

The main attractions of the complex are the Radio City Music Hall, which features the most famous artists, the GE Building high-rise building, which houses the pavilions of the NBC studio, the Rainbow Room restaurant, located on the 65th floor and recognized as the most stylish in the city.

The famous Rockefeller Center is famous for its spacious viewing platform, which offers stunning views of the busy city. It is located on the roof of the central skyscraper of the General Electric Building. It is best to visit it at sunset, when lights begin to light up in the city. This beautiful sight at an altitude of 259 meters will never be forgotten. You need to buy tickets in advance to the site that was restored several years ago, which receives visitors from 8.00 to 23.00, in order not to stand in long lines, since a large number of tourists from different countries gather to admire the panoramic views of the sun.

On Christmas Day, the main tree in New York is set in front of the complex in Lower Plaza.The first time, grateful residents put the symbol of the New Year in 1931. They were happy to get a good job during a protracted crisis and were happy to receive salaries. Since then, decorating a Christmas tree the height of a seven-story house in front of the center has become a pleasant tradition. The tree, which after the holiday is used for charity purposes, is installed at night, so as not to interfere with the movement of vehicles. Decorated with thousands of LEDs, the tree collects about a million people a day.rockefeller center manhattan

Rockefeller Center (Manhattan) is a popular place not only among tourists, but also locals, for whom it serves as a place of work and leisure. The townspeople are proud of the gigantic complex, which has become for many a testament to the fact that even in the most difficult situation, it is worthwhile to continue working and not giving up.

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