Where should I throw binkw32.dll to fix the error?

Any operating system after installationThere are many components that allow you to work correctly with OS elements and applications. But in the process of working at the computer, these components have to be installed. The article will cover one of them, to be more precise, the DLL file: binkw32.dll. Readers will find out what kind of file this is, why an error appears related to it, will get an answer to the question of how to fix it.


We'll start with the definition, and then tell you where to throw binkw32.dll.

where to throw binkw32 dll

So, the presented file is dynamiclibrary, as evidenced by its expansion. In this case, this library is a video codec, it is necessary for rendering or reproducing separate formats. The file is also part of the package The RAD VideoTools, developed by RAD Game Tools.

Knowing the definition of this library, you can doThe conclusion is that the error associated with it arises only when trying to interact with some video formats, for the reproduction of which this very library is needed. But most often it can be found when trying to launch a video game, since most developers render video with this codec.

Why does the error occur?

Knowing the definition is good, but it's not enough,to tell where to throw binkw32.dll. It is necessary to consider the reasons for the error associated with our file. And the reasons, fortunately, not so much, to be more precise, there are only three:

  1. The file was damaged by viruses.
  2. The library was removed from the computer.
  3. The library version is deprecated.

With the second and third reason, everything is simple - it is necessaryreplace or update the library file, then the problem will be solved, but with viruses everything is much more complicated. The thing is, if there is a virus on your PC that breaks binkw32.dll, even after updating or replacing this file, it will continue to do so. That's why, before executing all the instructions that will be attached below, scan your computer for malicious software.

Method 1: Install the package

Many users eliminate problems,They are associated with the lack of a library, by loading it and putting it in the desired directory, but there are other, more formal ways. Of course, where to throw binkw32.dll in this article will be told, but a little later, now another way of troubleshooting will be given.

Above we indicated that binkw32.dll is a part of the package The RAD VideoTools, therefore, to install the required library into the system, you need to download this package. You can download it on the official download page. Find the page, download the package for the desired platform on your computer, then install it. Once this is done, all problems will be eliminated.

Method 2: Load the Library

Well, now about where to throw binkw32.dll. Before reading the instructions, download the library to your computer. However, be careful, many sites thus spread the viruses, so scan the file after the download.

dink binkw32 dll file

If you downloaded the file to your computer, then itsyou will need to move it to the System32 folder and to sysWOW64, which are located in the Windows folder on the system drive. After that, press the Win + R keys, and in the window that appears, run regsvr binkw32.dll.

Method 3: load the library using the program

Where to install binkw32.dll you now know, but there is another convenient way. It implies the use of the program DLL-Files.com. Download it to your computer and install it, and then run it by following these steps:

  1. Type binkw32.dll in the search box.

  2. Conduct a search.

  3. Click on the file found.

  4. Click "Install".

where to install binkw32 dll

After that, the necessary library will be loaded andwill be installed in the desired directory on your computer. Therefore, all problems associated with the lack of a file are eliminated. Ways are easy, so do not ask for help from a specialist.

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