Where did Lomonosov go?

Elina Huzina
Elina Huzina
February 15, 2013
Where did Lomonosov go?

Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov was born in the village of Mishaninskoy, which is located in the Kurostrovsky volost of the Archangelogorod Gubernia. Lomonosov learned to read from the local clerk S.N. Sabelnikov at Dimitrievskaya church. The son of a peasant, did not have the opportunity to study at the only verbal school in that region. Therefore, Lomonosov left his native home, thereby violating the will of his father.

The only higher educational institution in Moscow then had the name "Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy". M.V. was going to enter it. Lomonosov, hiding his peasant origin. So, January 15, 1731 - the date of enrollment in the first class of the Academy. This was the first real educational institution where Lomonosov studied. Overcoming need, Lomonosov finished the first three classes in one year.

Study in St. Petersburg

Among the twelve of the best students of the Academy, at the end of 1735 M.V. Lomonosov was sent to St. Petersburg to continue his studies at an academic university. Having listened to lectures by adjuncts and professors of the Academy, from January to August 1736.In September, his, and also D.I. Vinogradov and G.U. Reiser was sent to study chemistry, metallurgy and mining in Germany.

Study in Germany

In the city of Marburg from 1736 to 1739, M.V. Lomonosov took a course in philosophy and physics from H. Wolf. Here he studied chemistry and mathematics. While studying in Marburg, Lomonosov comprehended the best that Western European thought possessed at that time. At this time, he developed his own method of scientific research. After reviewing the theory of the structure of substances of the English scientist R. Boyle, M.V. Lomonosov begins to develop the theory of the structure of matter, and thinks about creating his own understanding of the scientific picture of the world.

Incredible hard work and brilliant abilities, distinguished him among the students and manifested themselves in all areas where Lomonosov studied. July 1739 leads Lomonosov and his comrades to the town of Freiberg in Saxony. Here he will listen to a course of lectures by the largest mineralogist and chemist of those times, I. F. Genkel. Having completed his studies with Henkel, he decided to investigate the setting of mining in Saxony. Then, in June 1741, M.V. Lomonosov returns to St. Petersburg.

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