Where to catch catfish?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
February 27, 2013
Where to catch catfish?

Fishermen-professionals are happy to share with fans of this hobby these secrets of catfish catching. Forums and online communities are full of this kind of information. As a rule, for comfort and life, catfishes choose pits and pools, from where they swim up at night - for feeding. The gulfs and mouths of small rivers are also often inhabited by this large fish. Even in shallow waters, catfish can be found - here they rub against sand or pebbles and are freed from parasites. So where to catch catfish?

  1. Medium or small river. Here the giants can swim:
    • In the pits behind the pillars of the bridge (the habitat of large fish).
    • In the pits formed 50-100 meters from the bridge (young and middle catfish).
    • In the muddy ground behind the bridge in case there is a reverse flow (medium catfish).
    • In a long pit, which, as a rule, washed for inflow.
    • In the deepest place in the river bed - "somovye Boulevard".
    • In small pits in silt, about two to three meters in size, and not less than a meter in depth. Such places are also called "City of Som".
  2. Big river:
    • In the pits at the junction of the rivers.
    • In a place where the tributary flows into or connects with a rocky ridge.
    • In the dams, reinforcing the shore.
    • On the edge of the fairway.
    • On entering the boat pier.
    • On the outer edge of the thickets of aquatic flora.
  3. Lakes and reservoirs. They are considered the favorite habitat of a predator and the undoubted answer to the question of where to catch a catfish. Here the fish likes to settle down:
    • In the pits formed where there is a large flow of water.
    • Between small islands.
    • In the old river beds.
    • In old trees that have fallen into the water, or flooded houses.
    • In streams or small tributaries.
    • In thickets of aquatic plants.
    • In floating islands of torn grass.
    • On the pier.
    • Under the dam on silt soil.

But knowing the fish’s frequent habitats does not mean that the catfish will be caught as soon as you throw the gear. According to experts, a successful catch is 50% of research and observation. For example, in order to find the above places and pits, orientation at random will not work. It is better to use an echo sounder or a marked cord with a load.

In addition, somas do not like the sun very much, so that the shadow above it plays an important role in choosing a place.Only taking into account all the above factors, you can determine where the catfish lives.

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