Which pills from the stomach are the most effective and harmless?

You can not joke with your health. At the slightest ailments, some immediately rush to the hospital, and many are treated on their own. There are many drugs that can get rid of various types of pain. Consider the most common problems in the abdomen. Pain is difficult to diagnose at first glance, even a doctor. In our article we will list the pill "from the abdomen", which will help in various life circumstances.

Why do pains arise

Problems with the stomach - this is the most common complaint among all that doctors hear. People of different ages suffer from pain and spasms. The reason for their appearance may be the most unexpected, since all vital organs are collected in the abdominal cavity: liver, kidneys, stomach, spleen, internal genital organs and much more. It often happens that pain can pass from an accepted pill "from the abdomen". But nevertheless it is worth taking your symptoms seriously.After all, they can lead to serious consequences. You should not refuse immediate hospitalization if it was suggested to you by a doctor or an ambulance team.

pills from the stomach

Causes and types

The pain appears when the body starts the inflammatory process of any internal organs. Even the most common constipation or bloating cause severe discomfort. Abdominal pain is divided into two main types:

  1. Somatic. It has a high threshold of sensitivity. It arises directly in the peritoneum itself.
  2. Visceral This pain appears in the internal organs and is transmitted throughout the abdomen.

We will not consider difficult cases, but we will pay attention to the most common pains that occur with constipation, diarrhea, bloating and other problems.

pills for bloating

Abdominal Disorders

1. Ulcer and gastritis are gastrointestinal diseases. All spasms manifest in the abdominal cavity. If you have a stomach ache, the pills listed below will help to cope with cramps:

  • "Ranitidine";
  • Omeprazole;
  • "Famotidine".

Without expert advice, it is not recommended to use them. If heartburn was added to abdominal pains, they will come to the rescue:

  • "Smecta";
  • "Gastal";
  • "Rennie" and others.

2. Pancreatitis - pancreatic palpitations. This pain is easy to recognize. It appears in the left hypochondrium and girdles the waist. The following medications can be used for pancreatitis:

  • "No-shpa";
  • "Drotaverin" (similar to the above pills, but much lower in cost);
  • Riabal.

If the pains have passed into the stomach and intensified, you can apply:

  • "Creon";
  • "Pangrol".

3. Cholecystitis. This is a problem with the gallbladder. If you consume a lot of fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, you can not avoid such a disease. When exacerbation appear unpleasant cramps. To get rid of the pain, you can use the pill "from the stomach." Their name is as follows:

  • "Allohol";
  • "Festal";
  • "Enzistal";
  • "Holiver".

Each of these drugs has its own side effects and effects, so you should consult with your doctor before use and read the instructions.

pills from the belly name


The appearance of loose stools is unpleasant and unplanned. Most often it occurs in places remote from hospitals. The cause of diarrhea - a change of diet, unusual water. As a result, intestinal infections appear and all chronic diseases are exacerbated. If you are going on vacation, it is worth collecting a small first-aid kit with you on the road.To get rid of diarrhea, you can use the pill "from the stomach." Their name is:

  • "Imodium": valid after application for one hour. The medicine is suitable for people who travel a lot and are prone to stress diarrhea. Per day is allowed to use no more than four tablets. The main contraindications are: children under 6 years old, 1 trimester of pregnancy and idiosyncrasy of the drug.
  • "Imodium plus" is chewable tablets. Act as fast. It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose, and this is no more than four tablets. The main contraindications: children under 12 years of age, pregnancy and lactation, individual intolerance.
  • "Smecta". Allowed to use in acute intestinal poisoning for both adults and children. Available in powder form, which is packaged in 3 grams in individual bags. You can consume before each meal. The drug has its own contraindications: intestinal obstruction, allergy to fructose, idiosyncrasy of the components of the drug, sugar deficiency. Allowed to use for children from infancy.
  • "Kaopektat".It is a representative of natural remedies against diarrhea. The main components are silicate of magnesium and aluminum. It is allowed to apply to children from 3 years. It is not recommended to use the drug more than seven times a day. Despite its natural origin, the medication has contraindications: intestinal obstruction, an allergy to the main components of the drug, children up to 3 years.
  • "Neointestan". Tablets are approved for use by adults and children over 6 years. It is not recommended to exceed the daily dose, which is 7 tablets. In addition to individual intolerance, has no other contraindications.
  • "Polyphepan". Available in powder form, which is dissolved in water before use. Take one hour before meals. It is allowed to apply to children from early infancy. There are the following contraindications: intolerance to the drug, allergies, the presence of gastritis and ulcers, intestinal atony.

stomach ache pills

We looked at the most famous pills for stomach and diarrhea, which should be in your home and travel kit.


It occurs during the processing and splitting of food.Swelling begins when the gases do not leave the body in the form of belching or flatulence. Pharmacies have drugs that are available without a doctor's prescription. They should be used only when other methods do not help. Below, we have brought pills for bloating, their methods of use and contraindications:

  • "Simethicone". Among many, this drug is considered the most effective. It removes swelling defoaming and water repellency. The drug is not absorbed into the intestines and excreted from the body with feces. From side effects - only allergies. It is not recommended to exceed a dose of 125 mg.
  • "Pepfiz". This medicine is based on three drugs. The effect is to reduce gas production and normalize the digestive system. Apply a pill after a meal. There are the following contraindications: poor performance of the kidneys and liver, unstable blood pressure.
  • "Motilium". The drug helps reduce the formation of gas and increase the rate of gastric emptying. Use the medicine before meals. Tablets must be absorbed. There are no contraindications.
  • "Mezim".This is the most famous drug that can be found on the pharmacy shelves. Normalizes digestion, eliminates the heaviness and bloating. It is better to use "Mezim" before meals. It has no contraindications.

pills from the abdomen during menstruation

All of these pills for bloating act within an hour after ingestion. If the pain has not stopped and is constantly repeated, you should immediately go to the hospital.


This is also an unpleasant problem, which is accompanied by severe abdominal pain. Today, there is a wide range of laxative medicines. Modern medicine offers drugs not only in the form of tablets, but also candles, drops, syrups. The list of such drugs includes:

  • "Sodium picosulfate";
  • "Glycerol";
  • Senade and many other drugs that contain sennosides A and B.

what pills help from the stomach


All pills "from the stomach" have them. Not recommended for use in the following cases:

  • acute hemorrhoids;
  • intestinal, gastric and uterine bleeding;
  • disease of the abdominal organs;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • metabolic disorders and water-salt balance.

Not that result

If you decide to take a particular drug, you should always be prepared for the side effects that manifest themselves in the following:

  • depletion and destruction of sensitive receptors of the colon;
  • possible electrolyte imbalance of the blood;
  • from systematic use may be addictive;
  • pain may increase during the action.

Problems with the stomach occur in women during the monthly cycle. Let us examine how to get rid of periodic pain.

Women Health

During the menstrual cycle, almost every woman suffers from severe pain that occurs in the lower abdomen. What to do if such representatives are not tortured by some representatives, and the rest cannot live comfortably at this time? The answer is simple. It is necessary to choose the right pill "from the belly" during menstruation. Among the variety and different price categories, each woman can choose a suitable tool for herself. Their list includes:

  • "Aspirin";
  • "Ibuprofen";
  • "Piroxicam";
  • "No-shpa";
  • "Drotaverinum".

The list of drugs does not end there. We brought only the most common drugs that can be easily found in any pharmacy. Not only adults suffer from stomach problems.Not sure which pills help from the baby’s belly? We will tell you about this in more detail.

Children have a stomachache

Their bodies are too weak. Children should not be given medicines that we drink in batches. All pills from the abdomen for children are divided into different age categories, since babies under one year old have a weaker body and immunity. Especially for them, you can pick up sparing means. Each home medicine chest should have the following medications:

  • "No-shpa". In determining the dose for the child must be careful. On the child's body is enough of the fourth part of the pill or even less.
  • "Paracetamol". This drug not only reduces the temperature, but also relieves pain.
  • "Lactobacterin" and "Bifidumbacterin". Contribute to the normalization of the digestive system.
  • "Smecta". Fights strong bloating.
  • "Linex". Restores the intestinal microflora.

pills from the belly for children

In our article, we looked at pills "from the abdomen." Acquainted with their use and side effects. But, despite the diversity and availability of medicines, for acute pain in the abdominal area, you should immediately consult a doctor.It doesn’t matter if an adult or a child is ill, you don’t need to prescribe medication yourself Be healthy!

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