Who is a pacifist? Is the hero positive or negative ?!

The question of who the pacifist is can be answered briefly - an adherent of pacifism, a movement that is the reality of negative rather than positive. “Non-resistance to evil by violence” could never, by virtue of its spinelessness, become the ideology of any state. But if the opposite happened, according to Robert Auman, the Nobel Prize winner, such a country would play by the rules of the aggressor. That is, there is good and evil, and it is impossible not to take specifically one's side.

Neither yours nor ours

The term pacifist itself comes from the Latin words pax (peace) and facio (to do). But the pacifist does not make the world, he does not do anything, he is at best lying with a poster on the pavement or speaking in parliament. And very often under the guise of combating any violence contributes to the suppression of the liberation movement. Who is a pacifist? This is someone who does not like everyone.An example is the cartoon below.who is a pacifist

Revenge of the pacifist

There is one more example of the absurdity of pacifism. An ardent supporter of this movement was the German writer Erich Maria Remarque. In 1943, his sister was cut off his head on a guillotine for a careless statement (this is a 1943 goal, in Germany), and the bill for the services of the executioner, 127 remarks, and 18 pfenings, was sent to the author of the Triumphal Arch. It is hard to imagine that at the time of receiving cynical greetings from Nazi Germany, Remarque remained a pacifist. Sis was younger.

Abstraction of the idea

meaning of the word pacifistThe official ideology of pacifism is to condemn the immorality of violence, to oppose it by peaceful means, to condemn all wars. Of course, among the pacifists there are staunch, decent people, but basically this movement resembles a well-fed “green party”, which is held for demonstration performances by supporters of peace and healthy ecology. Who is a pacifist? A supporter of forgiving patience, ready to endure the mental and physical pain caused to him in order to shame, stop, or, generally, from the realm of fantasy, turn the villain into his faith.There are examples of this, but mostly artistic. By itself, the theory of “hitting one cheek - turn the other” does not fit with human dignity. She does not fit with anything except sadomasochism.

Serve reluctance

There is one more benefit from pacifism - in common people this is called “mowing from the army”. This has been done since the days of early Christianity. Justin Martyr, who lived in the II century AD, was an ardent pacifist. But pacifism as an organized movement appeared in Europe after the Napoleonic wars. Under Soviet rule, little was said about pacifism. And to the question: "Who is a pacifist?" - the majority of the knowledgeable would answer: "Traitor." The most famous pacifist in our country has always been Pastor Schlag, brilliantly played by Rostislav Plyatt.

Unreachable goal

In its pure abstract form, the idea of ​​pacifism is beautiful — it’s bad to kill. The meaning of the word pacifist is also explained very well - a person who has dedicated himself to preventing war and violence on earth. The methods of achieving the goal do not hold water.

who is a pacifist and militaristThe pacifist was Leo Tolstoy. Seeing the horrors of the Crimean War, and he participated in the defense of Sevastopol, then, in his old age, the great writer was inclined to believe that humanity did not need war. And who, besides the militarists, claims the opposite?

The true opponent of the militarist

The convictions of representatives of both these directions are not quite antagonistic. Who is a pacifist and militarist? About the pacifist has already been said above, and the militarist is a supporter of war, military power, deterrence and the suppression of all resistance to his idea. And the word militaris, or "military", explains the essence of this phenomenon clearly and easily. Antagonist militarist can only be considered an anti-militarist, and not a pacifist. And this could not be better confirmed by the symbolism of pacifism and anti-militarism. This means - “good must be with the fists,” in the literal sense of the phrase. In this light, the meaning of the word pacifist is defeatist.

Powerlessness of pacifism

You can fight against war by peaceful means in that, and only in the case when it is hypothetical, and when it stands in the full sense on the threshold of the house - you have to become a pastor Schlag, go skiing and - go ahead, to an effective fight against fascism. Nowadays, when local wars go on continuously, all ways of fighting them are good, so long as they are effective. But the posters will not stop the war. In this regard, who are the pacifists? (photos will help answer this question). who are pacifists photos

Looking at them, I want to say "loafers", again, "mowing" from the army.

Speculative ideaspacifist meaning

There are a lot of worthy representatives of this movement, among them there are people who have certain capabilities, but among the militarists there are much more such people. And they need to be adequately resisted, and the ideas of pacifism, in the best sense of the word, should be welcomed, and nothing more. You can quote the classic pacifists. For example, Marcus Aurelius used to say that the best revenge for evil is irresponsibility. In fact, he was the sole emperor, against whom only a madman would dare to use evil, and he would not live very long afterwards. Marcus Aurelius himself, before his death, led very active and successful wars. So his pacifism was of a purely desk character. The person whose interests are affected is more like a warrior, not a pacifist. The meaning of the term, as mentioned above, the non-recognition of any violence. In most cases, when confronted with a real evil, inflicted upon him personally, the pacifist ceases to be such.

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