Who knows what speech is?

For some time now, the vocabulary of the Russian language has been supplemented with new words borrowed from English: Okay, speaker, bro, shopping, shoes, deadline, distributor, market, realtor, freelancer, gamer, community, traffic, hacker, loser, grant, speech and etc. In this article we will talk about the meaning of the word "speech".

Lexical meaning

What is a speech? The noun "speech" comes from the English speech, which translates as "speech". This word is also used in this meaning, but more often it means “brief welcoming speech at a solemn event”.

Speech is

Synonyms for the word "speech"

Many fundamentally do not want to use borrowed words in speech and replace them with synonyms:

  • Speech: Alexander Sergeevich Vilkov's speech did not arouse enthusiasm among the listeners.
  • Monologue: You can go home and remember to memorize Chatsky's monologue.
  • Speech: Unfortunately, good performance did not work.
  • Conversation: To talk with a future employer will need to be approached with the utmost seriousness.
  • Toast: First, they say a toast to the king, then to the queen, princes and princesses.
  • Toast: A lot of toasts were delivered during the evening.
  • Report: Commission Chairman Viktor Vasilyevich found several shortcomings in the report.
  • Tirada: Tirade was long and incomprehensible.
  • Appeal: On New Year's Eve, everyone listened to the speech of the President.

Examples of sentences with the noun "speech"

A speech is a common noun of the inanimate masculine gender of the second declension.

Meaning of the word speech

Consider the examples of sentences with this word in different cases:

  1. How many knows what a speech is?
  2. If you only knew, girls, how I was tired of these mandatory speeches at all events!
  3. From the long tedious speech of Vera Maksimovna Strebkova, her head ached.
  4. Can't you do without speeches and toasts?
  5. I have absolutely no time to cook dinner, get ready for a speech, speak tomorrow.
  6. Anna Leonidovna, do not judge a man by comic speeches.
  7. Check the speech again, a lot depends on your report tomorrow.
  8. Not very much, I love all these speeches, let's come to the feast later, when the official part ends.
  9. Arkady Sergeevich Gribovsky struck everyone with a fiery match (in the form of the singular instrumental case).
  10. You should know that several dozen people worked on the matches of the party elite.
  11. Margarita Vadimovna made several inaccuracies in the speech, it will be difficult to rehabilitate, if at all possible.
  12. Everyone was arguing about the speeches spoken on the evening of ancient history.

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