What is the dream of fear?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 18, 2015
What is the dream of fear?

What kind of feelings we may have in a dream! Most often, the subconscious of a sleeping person throws out unspent emotions in erotic and mystical dreams. But in other dreams we cry, we love, we laugh, we rejoice, we experience and we are afraid. And if with positive emotions everything is relatively clear, then what is the dream of fear, we often do not understand. Why does our subconscious mind make us fearful in a dream? Let's see.

Opinion psychologists

What is fear? This is a special internal state caused by a real or imaginary danger threatening disaster. This is an alarm. Therefore, any dream in which we experience fear must first of all be regarded as such a signal.

Psychologists believe that if fear is impersonal, then it is a general anxiety before the unknown, as, for example, in children's nightmares. Then we dream of monsters, catastrophes, wars. If fear causes a specific person, action or phenomenon, then it is worth trying to understand what symbolizes the source of fear, that is, to look into his face.

In any case, the dream should be regarded as an alarm signal that our body or our intuition sends us.

Interpretation of dream books

  • Fear of death is a signal of heart problems, a precursor of heart disease.
  • Fear of the trip - a signal of possible danger on this trip.
  • Fear of continuing the case - a dream warns of the likely failure in this endeavor.
  • Fear for another person - this person is in real danger.
  • Unreasonable fear - an intuitive premonition of loss or disappointment.
  • Someone else's fear - nothing threatens you, but misfortune will happen in your environment.

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